N. Korea Fires Missile Over Japan – Trump Says: Message ‘has been received loud and clear’ [VIDEO]

N. Korea Fires Missile Over Japan – Trump Says: Message ‘has been received loud and clear’ [VIDEO]

President Trump came out with a very direct and blunt statement on North Korea today. Once again, Trump stated that all options are on the table with North Korea. They took full advantage of communists running wild in our streets and the catastrophe in Texas. It was their opening to launch a ballistic missile over northern Japan. In yet another crossing of a red line, they ratcheted tensions way up this time. I would call it an act of war. Japan had previously said they would shoot down any missile invading their airspace and they failed to do so. Instead, sirens and warnings went out and the terrified Japanese people ran for bomb shelters. Not exactly what I thought would happen.

Make no mistake, this missile launch was a giant middle finger to the US, NATO and our allies. North Korea will see this as weakness and be emboldened by it. Since no one is holding them to account for their actions, they will get worse and worse. Not responding to this incursion is a serious and deadly mistake. The Chinese have said that if North Korea attacks first, they will not support them. I don’t believe that. They have also said that if we attack the Hermit Kingdom first, China will attack us. Russia and Iran are in play as well. If North Korea moves on us, China, Russia and Iran will back them up and a real war will begin. Not good, but perhaps inevitable.

From the Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump blasted North Korea as a ‘grave and growing direct threat’ to the world following its latest provocation – a ballistic missile launch over Japan.

In a return to the saber-rattling of the last flare up with North Korea, Trump is warning that ‘all options are on the table’ – an obvious reference to U.S. military might.

‘The world has received North Korea’s latest message loud and clear: this regime has signaled its contempt for its neighbors, for all members of the United Nations, and for minimum standards of acceptable international behavior,’ Trump said in a statement released by the White House.

‘Threatening and destabilizing actions only increase the North Korean regime’s isolation in the region and among all nations of the world. All options are on the table,’ he said.

In a press conference, presidential spokesman Yoon Young-chan said South Korean leader Moon Jae-in had wanted ‘to showcase a strong punishment capability against the North.’

‘The drill reconfirmed South Korea Air Force capability to destroy the enemy’s leadership in cases of emergency.’

The missile test was timed on purpose and showed extreme aggression. Why we didn’t stop this decades ago is beyond me. Now, whatever we do there will be loss of life. I do not envy the President on this. We should be sending in covert teams to upend the regime, hitting them with cyberwarfare and laying out a bombing campaign. They would probably strike Seoul, but they are going to do that anyway at some point. We are out of time and options.

We have tried sanctions and diplomacy, neither work. I imagine Mattis is making plans right about now. South Korea is staging a show of force by having four F-15 fighters drop eight MK-84 bombs that accurately hit targets at a military field near South Korea’s eastern coast, Seoul’s presidential spokesman Park Su-hyun said. Each bomb has an explosive yield of a ton, according to the country’s air force. They said they would exterminate North Korea’s leadership if forced to. I hope they can back that up.

North Korea successfully launched three short range missiles last week. At first, the Pentagon reported that all three failed. Then we changed the report saying that all three succeeded. What happened to THAAD and why wasn’t it used? The red line just keeps on moving and our threats are ringing very hollow here. We are on the brink of war, it would be comforting if we actually acted as if we were ready for it. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — who had a 40-minute phone call with Trump today — described the launch as a “reckless act.” That’s the understatement of the century. The clock is ticking and we are now on the brink of war.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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