People Noticed Something VERY Odd About North Korea’s Military Parade This Weekend [VIDEO]

People Noticed Something VERY Odd About North Korea’s Military Parade This Weekend [VIDEO]

I have to say, after reviewing the pics, that North Korea’s display of military power looks at least partially bogus. The one pic showing a missile with the nose pointing up is damning. And if you look closely, it almost appears as if they used papier-mache to make them. Jennifer Griffin of Fox News has pointed out before that North Korea’s parades are fake and it certainly looks as if that is the case here.

You might ask yourself why would they would do that? Several things come to mind. They might not want their actual weapons out where they could be hit by enemies. They might not have as many as they claim. Either one of those are solid possibilities here. I would go with the first one. Don’t fool yourselves… they definitely have functional weapons. Our intelligence confirms it and it is why we are taking the threat very seriously. I just heard that Hawaii is calling for a reinforcement to their defenses because of North Korea.

From the Daily Mail:

Speculation is circulating that Kim Jong-Un dressed up empty, painted boxes as deadly weapons of mass destruction as part of his military parade this weekend.

North Korea unveiled new weapons during a display of the country’s military might in the country’s capital Pyongyang to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the birth of the nation’s founder Kim Il-Sung.

But people have started questioning the validity of the rockets, including one which appears either broken or very badly made with its nose pointing skyward.

One Twitter user said: ‘Does North Korea think they are fooling anyone with all those fake missiles on parade?’

Another poked fun at the nation’s military saying the missiles looked like they had been made from papier-mâché.

Nevertheless, the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), which Pyongyang claim could travel thousands of miles, have increased concerns that the secretive state is preparing for a possible attack on Washington after they were paraded during the country’s Day of the Sun celebrations.

North Korea is not alone in pulling something like this. The Russians, Chinese and Iranians have all pulled this particular stunt. Although there are some who are saying that the NoKos weaponry is so crappy, no wonder it failed, we dare not think that… technology is being shared between Russia, Iran, China and North Korea. They are a very real and imminent threat. Personally, I believe we took out that missile with cyber warfare. We’ve done it before.

Fake or not during the parade, North Korea poses an existential threat to the US. We have to take this seriously and address it now before they get a chance to set off EMPs over the US. They have been practicing exactly that. So, laugh at the fake parade, but take the real weaponry extremely seriously. Our military, Trump and Pence are… they are alarmed over this; we all should be.

As John Hawkins says… be nice until it’s time to not be nice. Truer words were never spoken, especially in geopolitics. For more on this and other fantastic topics, check out John’s new book on Amazon:

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