SEAL Team 6 Training S. Korean Team To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un If War Breaks Out

SEAL Team 6 Training S. Korean Team To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un If War Breaks Out

The United States has had it with North Korea’s crap and now we’re sending in the big guns, but not in the capacity you’d expect.

We are sending SEAL Team 6 over to South Korea so they can take out the garbage for us. Our men are teaching their men how to conduct a covert op that will allow them to take out the despot to the north in the extremely likely event that their actions end up starting a justified war.

Not even Dennis Rodman will be able to protect the dictatorial pudge from being eliminated from both this life and the next if South Korea decides to send in men that have directly trained under a military group that is directly responsible for the death of Osama bin Laden.

This award-worthy news comes as tensions between North Korea and the United States have reached the boiling point and there is no doubt that some sort of eruption is going to take place in the near future.

Recently NK set off a suspected Hydrogen Bomb that registered as a 6.3-magnitude earthquake felt in China and Japan. This came at the same time as reports that they have found a way to miniaturize an H-Bomb and attach it to a long-range missile.

The time for giggling and laughing at them is over. Somehow they’ve begun developing their nuclear capabilities at a frightening pace and now we have to shut it down or risk an attack when we’ve got our back turned.

Luckily Trump is nothing like Obama and isn’t going to draw an arbitrary “line in the sand,” which he may or may not abide depending on now intimidated he felt when he woke up that morning.

On the upside, we may not have to launch any missiles or see any blood shed at the hands of American soldiers if this team is as effective as SEAL Team 6. It may be an in-and-out operation that allows North Korea the option to choose freedom. If not-so-lil Kim is assassinated, it will be curious to see who is put into power, or if there is going to be a radical political change in North Korea. I would hope that a TRULY democratically elected leader would be put into power, because if a relative of Kim Jong-Un were to be installed, this would likely be a cold war that would never end.

Also, you know the movie about his assassination would be directed by Michael Bay and would be totally awesome.

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