TERRIFYING ANNOUNCEMENT: North Korea Announces Plans To…

TERRIFYING ANNOUNCEMENT: North Korea Announces Plans To…

The North Korean ambassador arrogantly informed Sky News today that the country would carry out its sixth nuclear test when Kim Jong-Un felt it was appropriate. That he would pick the time and place and international warnings be damned. Cheeky bastard. He claims sanctions have no effect on the Hermit Kingdom. Whether they do or don’t makes no difference to Kim. He’s considered a God in his country and all-powerful.

Ambassador Choe Il says that they are unconcerned by President Trump and warnings from our military forces. He added: “We are developing our nuclear strength to respond to that kind of attack by the US. If the US attack us, our military and people are fully ready to respond to any kind of attack.” You know, I actually believe him. And if I were President Trump, I’d take this guy at his word.

From Sky News:

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North Korea’s ambassador to the UK has told Sky News his country will go ahead with its sixth nuclear test at the time and place of its leader’s choosing.

In his first interview in the role, ambassador Choe Il said his country would continue its ballistic missile and nuclear programmes in spite of intentional warnings against them, and dismissed UN sanctions as having no legal grounds, and no effect.

“In regards to the sixth nuclear test, I do not know the scheduled time for it, as I am here in the UK, not in my home country,” Mr Choe said.

“However, I can say that the nuclear test will be conducted at the place and time as decided by our supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un.”

Sky News asked the ambassador whether he was concerned about the prospect of US military action, which President Donald Trump’s administration has said is one of the options now being considered.

“If we were afraid of it, we probably would not have started conducting nuclear tests or launching ballistic missiles,” the ambassador said.

The ambassador said a preemptive strike on his country would not be possible because they would turn US assets in the region “to ashes” at the first sign of movement towards an attack. “The US cannot attack us first,” the ambassador said, adding: “If the US moves an inch, then we are ready to turn to ashes any available strategic assets of the US.” Yeah, not buying that piece of bluster, but I bet he believes what he’s saying.

The US has sent what Trump calls a “powerful armada” led by the USS Carl Vinson to the waters off the Korean Peninsula, where it has been carrying out exercises with South Korea’s navy. We are also readying new sanctions in the event of another nuclear test, which I think would be a waste of breath. Six decades of sanctions have not stopped this and aren’t likely to in the future. Technically, we are still at war with the North Koreans by the way.

The ambassador went on to say that North Korea would not stop until they were nuclearized. That they felt it was the only way to protect themselves. “We have to have nuclear power. We have shown our strong military power and nuclear power this April. Because of our strong military power, the US could not attack us first.” That is why this is going to lead to war… the North Koreans believe the propaganda from their government and we will have no choice in the end.

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