20 Republicans Voted AGAINST The House Health Care Bill – Let Us Introduce You…

20 Republicans Voted AGAINST The House Health Care Bill – Let Us Introduce You…

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that the American Health Care Act passed the House of Representatives today, to the joy of Republicans and conservatives. It is the first step in making sure that Obamacare is completely gutted and repealed.

Apparently not everyone was as excited about the prospect of dismantling Obamacare as you or me. Twenty Republicans sided with Democrats in voting against the bill.

Drum roll please….

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Here are the 20 Republicans who voted against the AHCA:

Andy Biggs – Arizona

Mike Coffman – Colorado

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – Florida

Thomas Massie – Kentucky

Walter B. Jones – North Carolina

Frank LoBiond- New Jersey

Christopher Smith – New Jersey

Leonard Lance – New Jersey

Dan Donovan – New York

John Katko – New York

Michael Turner – Ohio

David Joyce – Ohio

Ryan Costello – Pennsylvania

Patrick Meehan – Pennsylvania

Brian Fitzpatrick – Pennsylvania

Charlie Dent – Pennsylvania

Will Hurd – Texas

Barbara Comstock – Virginia

Jaime Beutler – Washington

Dave Reichert – Washington

In an official statement, the Republican Party patted themselves on the back for what they called “an important first step toward fixing our healthcare system.”

“Republicans have taken an important first step toward fixing our healthcare system. Obamacare is falling apart and has saddled the American people with rising costs, less choice, and skyrocketing premiums. The time to act is now, and that’s exactly what Republicans have done.”

It’s important to call your Congressmen and give them words of encouragement. While they also need to know that this is clearly not the end of the road, they also need to know that we have their backs and are going to stand with them regardless of what the Democratic party is going to try to throw at them. It’s not the 100% repeal that we want, we’re going in the right direction. Perhaps by the end of his first 4 years, Trump will have demolished the whole thing!

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