AMEN! Paul Ryan Makes Big Announcement On Obamacare – Too Good To Be True? [VIDEO]

AMEN! Paul Ryan Makes Big Announcement On Obamacare – Too Good To Be True? [VIDEO]

Paul Ryan is once again claiming that the Republicans are very close to a compromise on healthcare. Where have I heard this before? It feels like Lucy and the football all over again. Cringe-worthy deja vu. The moderates are still pushing for pre-existing coverage here. But the Freedom Caucus is demanding states be able to opt out of the requirement for insurers to provide essential health benefits and abide by price controls that prevent them from charging sick people more. I’m still standing firm with the Freedom Caucus here.

Remember, Ryan also claimed they were close before when Republicans weren’t anywhere near a compromise on Obamacare. Will it be different as they come back from recess? Who knows. Ryan’s last version of this monstrosity was so horrific, neither side wanted it. It was so bad they didn’t even bother getting it to the floor for a vote because they knew it would fail. Then Ryan and Trump blamed the true conservatives of the House Freedom Caucus and threatened them with being primaried. That won’t be forgotten anytime soon and unless things have radically changed over the last few weeks, I don’t see this coming together.

From the Washington Examiner:

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House Speaker Paul Ryan said Republicans are “very close” to getting a breakthrough on legislation to repeal Obamacare even after rowdy town halls during the Easter recess sparked more opposition among Republicans.

Lawmakers are “negotiating finishing touches” on a compromise, Ryan told the London think tank Policy Exchange during an overseas trip Wednesday.

“We have a system that is in dire need of reform,” Ryan said, referring to Obamacare.

Since lawmakers adjourned for recess nearly two weeks ago, talks have been continuing among conservatives and centrists to let states opt out of some Obamacare insurer mandates. Conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus want states to be able to opt out of requirements for insurers to provide essential health benefits and abide by price controls that prevent them from charging sick people more.

However, centrists are against easing the mandates because of concerns about affordable coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Recent raucous town halls haven’t helped sway centrists to get on board.

It sounds like the Freedom Caucus is in control of the conversation right now, which I find much more promising. And although if I got my way, we would only repeal this behemoth and let the free market take it from there, if it is replaced with something that at least resembles conservatism, I will take it at this point. Premiums must go down and we should be allowed to cross state lines for insurance.

“We are in the midst of negotiating sort of the finishing touches, because our members want to make sure we lower premiums, that a person that is buying health insurance has a lot of choices and actually has transparency in that they know what things are going to cost before they buy them,” Ryan continued. According to Ryan, Congress needs to “step in front of the crisis” before premiums continue to skyrocket and options for care become more limited. He noted overhauling the healthcare system has not been easy, adding they want to ensure people have access to affordable plans and those pre-existing conditions remain covered. That makes me cringe… Republicans should not be doing entitlements or welfare, but that’s where we are. I just hope we can live with the result.

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