Canadian Journalist Comes Clean On The HARSH Reality Of Single-Payer Healthcare [VIDEO]

Canadian Journalist Comes Clean On The HARSH Reality Of Single-Payer Healthcare [VIDEO]

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd on Sunday, a Canadian journalist and author laid down some uncomfortable facts about the reality of the Canadian healthcare system. Malcolm Gladwell spent 20 minutes interviewing on everything on several topics, but his takes on Trump and healthcare are what have been making the real news.

When Todd complained about the “partisan way of thinking” in American politics concerning healthcare and asked Gladwell what Americans are “missing,” Gladwell responded:

“The reason Canada has single payer is that Canadians had a conversation amongst themselves many, many years ago and they asked a very simple question, which is ‘What do we want from our health care?'”

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He then explained that single-payer does often come packaged with a decline in the quality and quantity of the care itself, but that those historic Canadians “came to the answer that what we want is a system that covers everyone, and what that means is we’re willing to give up choice, we’re willing to give up the most high-tech solutions to various medical problems, we’re not going to have expensive, shiny hospitals. Basically, Canadians sat down and figured out what their priorities were.”

What Todd ought to have done was question Gladwell’s switching back and forth between his references that made it unclear as to whether he was or wasn’t Canadian, but Gladwell went on to say:

“I can’t figure out what people want. It seems to me that every party to the health care discussion wants something different and those things are all incompatible. You can’t want to curb the cost spiral and simultaneously have access to the newest drugs and simultaneously have patient choice and simultaneously have, you know, these are mutually contradicting options.

“So I think that we should take a little period and, a time-out, and say, you know, is it possible for us to agree on what we think the goal of our health care system is? And maybe out of that conversation you can reach a kind of a clear direction to a policy solution.”

Further in the interview, when asked about Trump, he said:

“If you think about him as a sociologist would, as a product of his environment, I think he becomes easier to understand.” Gladwell also said Trump has always “made it very plain that what he stands for is authenticity.”

“He is not someone who follows any kind of convention. He’s not someone who gets caught up in political correctness. He is someone who speaks from his gut, right? And so, if you have an expectation that someone is that kind of authentic character, you see these kinds of tweets very differently.”

Well, there goes Malcolm’s invitation back anytime soon.

You can watch the full interview here.

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