Experts Proclamin Obamacare Will Be Impossible To Get Rid Of

by William Teach | February 1, 2014 8:03 am

Some said slavery would be impossible to get rid of. Same with other laws. Yet, we got rid of them. The web headline reads “Repealing health care law would mean higher costs”, while the Android app one reads “Health law locked in, experts say”

(USA Today[1]) Republicans may not agree with President Obama’s State of the Union call to drop the idea of repealing the Affordable Care Act, but health experts say the law has taken such hold that it may be impossible to get rid of it.

The consequences of repeal, health care officials and industry analysts say, go beyond the fact that 9 million people would suddenly lose their insurance or that anyone with a pre-existing condition would either lose insurance or pay much higher premiums.

All consumers would take a huge financial hit, because health care costs would continue to rise, and insurers would probably recoup their losses by charging higher premiums.

Getting beyond the 9 million number, which has been beaten up by many fact checkers, the article mentions many cost savings portions of Obamacare that, supposedly, if they are done away with consumers will see their costs rise dramatically!!!!!!, dramatically, I say. Yet, the article never mentions that extra-large size deductibles which come with Ocare plans. Many of the Republican “replace” plans include market based solutions that would address those issues. Of course, many of the supposed cost savings are linked more towards rationing and government subsidies. If you read the ones in the story, one comes away with the notion that if that’s all there is to it, it won’t be that hard to fix. One is

Increased competition through federal and state health exchanges, which allow consumers to make direct comparisons of health plan costs and benefits.

Some exchanges feature just one or two companies. And consumers do not get the full details until they’ve provided The Government with all their personal data. Otherwise, they just get a brief overview and the costs.

It will be tough to repeal and replace Ocare. Any legislation will have to incorporate many of the popular ideas, such as not being able to be dropped because a person gets sick. And the plan will have to create a slow walk over at least several years where people are moved from the government option plans to other plans, without massive economic disruptions…or not, consider the massive market and consumer disruptions caused by Ocare, such as the 6+ million who lost their plans, with potentially tens of millions more coming in 2014 to early 2015.

But, nothing can truly happen unless the Republicans win the White House in 2016, and have control of the Senate and House. However, if a Republican does win the White House, he or she has quite a bit of power to change a lot of Obamacare, regardless of Congressional control. The ACA gives the heads of multiple Executive Branch agencies enormous latitude to create rules, particularly the head of HHS. The contraception/sterilization/abortifacient “mandate”? It could be whacked with the stroke of a pen, because it is a rule. The definition of part time could be changed. A good chunk of the tax rules can be deep-sixed. Calorie counts on vending machines and menus? Other insurance requirements? Gone. Change the rule on Congressional reimbursement for Exchange plans.

A Republican president can also rescind all the exemptions for all groups, companies, and unions who received them, who, strangely, were also big supporters of the law.

It won’t be easy, since nothing can truly be done till 2017. Do you know what else was hard? Sending men to the moon. Creating a nationwide interstate system. Building massive skyscrapers. Crossing the country in horse drawn wagons. Doing away with slavery. It takes American will and know how. And we can replace Obamacare with ideas and legislation that works for all Americans. There shouldn’t be losers.

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