Fox News Show ERUPTS When Meghan McCain SCHOOLS Juan Williams on PROOF Of Obamacare’s Failures! [VIDEO]

Fox News Show ERUPTS When Meghan McCain SCHOOLS Juan Williams on PROOF Of Obamacare’s Failures! [VIDEO]

Fox News Channel’s The Five got heated this past Thursday night when Juan Williams and Meghan McCain had a contentious debate about the new health care bill passed by the House. The discussion centered on the fact that it will now go to the Senate and, according to McCain, will inevitably be altered. In other words, it isn’t yet in its final form.

McCain’s point was that the bill was decent, but changes will be made before it becomes law. Williams, who is a Liberal, in an effort to dismiss the bill as ineffectual and ill conceived, took aim at its provisions, insinuating they don’t fix anything.

This infuriated McCain, who proceeded to snap right back with the statistics showing premiums under Obamacare in her state have nearly crippled people’s budgets and that this new bill will indeed help that come to an end. Williams and McCain got into an all out shouting match with a grinning Jesse Watters playing the part of mock referee in the middle.

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Host Kimberly Guilfoyle finally cut them off and ended the segment, saying, “Let me tell you something: Don’t mess with McCain.”

The Trump team is portraying the bill as a win while the Democrats are, of course, saying it’s a disaster. Time will tell, but it does appear there are some good things in the bill. What America wants is a complete repeal of Obamacare and a return to a mostly free market healthcare system. Let’s hope this bill is a step in that direction. Trump promised to take care of this on the campaign trail and Americans who voted for him are counting on it. It is time to put healthcare back in the hands of patients and their doctors, and take it out of the hands of bureaucrats and Liberals.

See video below.

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