House Floor BURSTS Out Singing “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye” As American Healthcare Act Passes [VIDEO]

House Floor BURSTS Out Singing “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye” As American Healthcare Act Passes [VIDEO]

The House burst into song upon the passing of the American Health Care Act on Thursday.

While some weren’t exactly sure who was doing the singing, CNN identified the joyous Congressmen as Republicans who were finally saying goodbye to Obamacare. Sounds possible, right? I mean, I would be.

IJR reporter Haley Byrd initially tweeted that she believed the Democrats were the ones singing the snarky song and “implying they’ll lose seats for this.”

Fortunately, Republicans and conservatives are happy that we are finally beginning to see the bones of the disaster that was Obamacare being picked apart by Congress and are unlikely to vote against them in the future.

After months of stalling, obstruction and delays, we’re finally seeing Congress make headway on Trump’s campaign promises as well as the desires of all right-leaning Americans and some Democrats who were negatively affected by the legislation.

Watch the video below:

It’s not a total repeal, which is what many conservatives (including myself) truly wanted. That being said, it’s a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, Obamacare has become so entangled in the lives of everyday Americans that it won’t be that easy to undo. This is a small victory but it is by no means a stopping point.

In Right Wing News owner John Hawkins’ new book, 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know, he discusses the “controversial” mentality, “if I didn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it.” Well, it appears that we’re going to have to earn this Obamacare repeal and the only way to do that is with patience and baby steps.

Be sure to call your Congressmen and give them words of encouragement. They need to know that while we approve of what they’ve done here today, we’re going to expect them to see this fight through to the end.

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