Jessica Sanford, ObamaCare Success Story

by Dave Blount | November 20, 2013 2:44 pm

The dark ObamaCare laughs just keep coming. This time the joke is on Jessica Sanford, the poster single mom for obamunized healthcare:

Sanford, who [said] she hasn’t had health insurance in 15 years, initially said she was excited by the prospect of purchasing a policy for her and her son under ObamaCare. Before ObamaCare, Sanford was getting health insurance rate quotes of about $500-$600 a month. That was too steep for the freelance court reporter.

But she wrote a letter to Obama about the new health care overhaul and what it would mean to her. Her son has ADHD, requires regular doctor visits and must take medication that costs $250 a month.

Obama quoted from Sanford’s letter during an Oct. 21 speech at the Rose Garden, where he was pitching the merits of the new health care law.

It looked like Jessica was going to get a $621/month plan for only $169. But then Lucy yanked away the football. After Chairman Zero gave an inspiring speech about how much his power grab had helped her, she

got a letter from her state health exchange that said they had made an error in the tax-credit calculations. The mistake affected 4,600 policies and covered 8,000 people — including Sanford.

She managed to wrangle a different deal, with higher copays and deductibles. One more kick at the football…

And then, she reportedly got another letter. This one said she didn’t qualify for any type of tax credit. … She got a third letter last week saying her income is too high to qualify for subsidies…

She says that for now she is “not going to be getting insurance.”

What an aggravating hassle to have to endure for nothing. This is what ObamaCare did to a success story Obama specifically bragged about. Imagine what it might do to you.

Jessica kicked at the football and wound up on the ground.

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