Keith Ellison attempts to slam ‘cruel’ healthcare system… instead rips Obamacare

Keith Ellison attempts to slam ‘cruel’ healthcare system… instead rips Obamacare

Minnesota Rep., and all around Marxist, Keith Ellison, took to Twitter early Sunday to lash out at the “cruel” healthcare system following the hate crime in Portland that killed two and put one in the hospital.

“Our healthcare system is so cruel, one of the heroes of the Portland stabbing has to crowdfund his lifesaving medical care.”

Ellison ended up deleting the tweet sometime on Sunday.

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Ellison was mentioning a hate crime that went down in Portland, Oregon, late Friday night that took the lives of two men and sent another to the hospital after they all attempted to defend young Muslim girls from a white supremacist who was hassling them on a commuter train. With the deaths of the two men, who are being applauded as heroes, a third man remains in the hospital with substantial wounds.

The man in the hospital is 21 year-old Micah David-Cole Fletcher — The only surviving victim. His friends have pooled together and have started a crowdfund on GoFundMe. They are raising money to help with Fletcher’s medical bills. Crowdfunding is a normal, widely used way to help fund people’s events.

The goal was hefty, but Fletcher has nearly reached $100,000, which represents the goodness of people and shows how they actually care about others, and use personal charity rather than government controlled systems to help others… Yet Ellison apparently believes it is wrong for people to raise money to help each other on their own. Ellison presumably believes, on account of his deep progressive and liberal beliefs, that Fletcher’s care should be taken care of through the government, under the guise of ‘free’ care.

Democrats have long hated what they called the ‘broken American healthcare system’, but in 2010 that all changed with Democrats, under the leadership of then-President Barack Obama, unconstitutionally at the time, upending the entire healthcare system with the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “Obamacare,” which makes many folks a bit pissed off with what Ellison wrote on Sunday.

…Because the largest problem is that the American Healthcare Act has yet to be implemented – which would make Ellison’s attempt to blame the GOP for the “cruel” healthcare system, a big load of crap.

Aim it at Obama, Ellison, you dope!

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