Liberals Ridicule Obamacare Repeal With ‘#ThingsJesusNeverSaid’ — Then Conservatives OWN Their Logic!

Following the passing of the American Health Care Act in the House, many unhinged and angry Democrats and liberals took to Twitter to try and deride Republicans using the Christian religion as a mocking tool, writing “things Jesus never said.”

In fact, this past Friday and Saturday had “#ThingsJesusNeverSaid” as one of the highest trending topics circling around Twitter. it first started out as a tool to knock at Republicans for removing the pre-existing conditions provision in the fledgling Obamacare.

But the hashtag speedily fell into deeper criticisms of President Donald Trump and pretty much anybody that considers themselves on the Right side of the aisle.

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Users picked apart the GOP for being the bad guy in the issue of refugees and immigration, for moving to replace Obamacare with a little more of a market-based solution, for advocating tax reform and for wanting a wall to secure our sovereign nation… among other current American political issues.

One user went with the pre-existing Tweet: “#ThingsJesusNeverSaid ‘You have a pre-existing condition, I can’t cure you.’”

Another piled on with the wall: “‘Build that wall’ #ThingsJesusNeverSaid.”

We even see a Catholic priest wanting to get in on the political rhetoric: “‘Blessed are those whose mercy extends only to those who are like them.’ #ThingsJesusNeverSaid.”

But two can play at that game, or so the liberals quickly learned.

Conservatives, Republicans and Libertarians all across the Twitter universe were fast to punch back with some statements of their own, mostly centering on the fact that Democrats and liberals alike mostly advocate for abortion, which by now should be moved down to the realm of murder.

The brilliant Andrew Klavan had this to say:

And then there was this one:

But there was more to it than just obvious infanticide that the Left conveniently disregards. Other folks on Twitter went after the broad spectrum of psychotic liberalism with some different tweets:

And this one:

In John Hawkins’ new book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in number 24, “Don’t put anything on social media you would be uncomfortable with the whole world seeing.”

Do these liberals know how hypocritical they all are? They are falsely worried about people dying in the streets, which is HUGE rhetoric and a massive lie – one that they know is. But baby killing is fine?

…Don’t ever try to use Christianity against actual believers, libs. You don’t know enough.

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