A MIRACLE! CNN Finally Confesses The Truth We’ve Been Telling Them ALL ALONG! [VIDEO]

A MIRACLE! CNN Finally Confesses The Truth We’ve Been Telling Them ALL ALONG! [VIDEO]

From the very beginning of Obamacare, we knew it was a monstrous lie. When Obama claimed if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor… no one in their right mind believed that and sure enough, not only did people lose their doctors, they lost their healthcare and when they did get insurance, many times it cost more than their car payment and in some instances, more than their mortgage. It is unsustainable, evil and frankly a communist construct.

Sometimes the truth comes from the most unlikely of sources. Jake Tapper over at CNN came right out and said that Obamacare was a lie and betrayed the American people. I don’t always agree with Tapper, but he is a true journalist and it figures it would be his voice telling the truth from the left. He’s saying exactly what conservatives have said all along. Obamacare is in a disastrous death spiral and is going to implode. The Republicans have not fully repealed it and aren’t likely to do so, so if anything is accomplished there, they are just kicking the can down a very short road to catastrophe. Charles Krauthammer says we will have Single Payer healthcare within 7 years now. Healthcare will still blow up and this time the Republicans will own it. It will bankrupt this nation.

From NTK:

CNN’s Jake Tapper noted how House Democrats repeatedly lied to the American people in their effort to pass Obamacare. Tapper made the comments in an interview with former Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) following the successful repeal of Obamacare in the House on Thursday.

“The way that [Obamacare] was sold to the American people was in many ways mendacious,” Tapper told Israel.

Tapper then proceeded to point out all the lies that Democrats told the American people.

“They were told if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like you plan you can keep your plan. That’s not true.”

Tapper then mentioned to Israel that a majority of health insurance providers have already pulled out of the Obamacare exchanges, meaning that Americans have fewer options now than before the law.

“Do you think the Democrats in the way they sold this bill to the public really undermined their own credibility on the issue of health care?” Tapper asked Israel.

The media has been absolutely complicit in this criminal action… the biggest redistribution of wealth in our nation’s history. You hear cries all over the place that if the Republicans get their way, people will die. I’ve got news for the leftists, everyone dies and healthcare isn’t the magic pill that keeps you alive. And they know they are lying – they think we are gullible and stupid. The left had a plan… if Hillary was elected, they would let Obamacare die and immediately go to Single Payer healthcare. With the Republicans in control, they will let them fumble it, own it and then they will still get socialized, government-controlled healthcare.

Yes, the Democrats lied and undermined their own credibility. Tapper is right. But it’s not just them. It’s both sides of the political aisle and the ones that get screwed in this are mainstream Americans. We had the best healthcare in the world until Obama got a hold of it. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best out there. Now, everyone is entitled and the government must cover everyone no matter what. And while that is being pushed, overtaxed and overburdened Americans are being squeezed even more. It’s a recipe for devastation and revolution.

Jake Tapper admits all of this years too late. Where were the admissions of guilt when this went down? Why did we ever let it get to this point? And why can’t the feckless Republicans do their damned jobs and fully repeal and NOT replace this behemoth? Because we only really have progressives in power anymore and the conservative constitutionalists have been shut out. America… enjoy your socialized healthcare while it lasts as bad as it is. Because in the end it will take the entire system down just as the left planned.

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Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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