While Everyone Was Focused on Trump, Here’s the ‘Gift’ Obama Gave Illegal Aliens

While Everyone Was Focused on Trump, Here’s the ‘Gift’ Obama Gave Illegal Aliens

While it’s true that illegal aliens can’t get Obamacare, they’re STILL getting taxpayer funded health care in many states. In other words, instead of helping Americans, tax dollars are being spent to pay the medical bills of people who aren’t even supposed to be in this country. First of all, as the Wall Street Journal notes,


When federal lawmakers wrote the act overhauling the nation’s health-care system six years ago, they ruled out any possibility of extending health insurance to illegal immigrants.

Local officials where many of those immigrants live are treating them anyway.

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A Wall Street Journal survey of the 25 U.S. counties with the largest unauthorized immigrant populations found that 20 of them have programs that pay for the low-income uninsured to have doctor visits, shots, prescription drugs, lab tests and surgeries at local providers. The services usually are inexpensive or free to participants, who must prove they live in the county but are told their immigration status doesn’t matter.

Because Obama is adding to the Federal debt instead of state debt, liberals have been freed up to spend more on taking care of illegal aliens. Chris Conover explains how it works at Forbes.

Let me be clear: Obamacare contains an explicit prohibition against providing federally-subsidized coverage to immigrants who cannot prove they are here legally. I am not arguing, nor did Louise Radnofsky demonstrate in her story, that anyone is explicitly violating this prohibition [1]. But no honest person can deny that because of Obamacare, more taxpayer resources at the state and local level are being spent on health care of illegal immigrants than would have been spent otherwise [2].

This is a matter of simple arithmetic. Forty-nine states have balanced budget requirements. Thus, at the margin, every $1 dollar reduction in taxpayer-financed uncompensated care costs for the uninsured frees up a dollar that can be spent on health care for illegal immigrants. In that sense, the legal prohibition against using Obamacare funds to explicitly bankroll health care for illegal immigrants is largely irrelevant. The federal Obamacare subsidies undeniably permit states and localities to make expenditures on health care for illegal immigrants that they otherwise would be unable to afford.

In 2013, state and local governments provided $19.8 billion in funds to help offset the costs of uncompensated care borne by hospitals and other providers. Such payments constituted 26% of all uncompensated care costs that year. The average individual who is uninsured incurs about $1257 in uncompensated care costs [Table 1].  States and localities there save about $325 for each uninsured person who gains coverage as a result of the ACA.

Put another way, even though Obamcacare doesn’t cover illegal aliens, it gives liberals the ability to spend more of your tax dollars on illegal aliens.

Not on schools for your kids. Not on roads or bridges. Not on training programs to teach American workers new skills. No, your tax dollars are being spent providing free health care for people who are breaking the law to come to this country illegally and take jobs from American citizens.

If you’re not angry over that, you should be.

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