The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Turns On Obamacare

by John Hawkins | May 22, 2013 7:16 am

It caught a lot of people’s attention when Obama’s pals in the roofers’ union[1] flipped on Obamacare and called for its repeal. Now The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union[2] is starting to get in on the act.


The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) – a 1.3 million-member labor group that twice endorsed Obama for president – is very worried about how the reform law will affect its members’ healthcare plans.

…In a new op-ed published in The Hill, UFCW President Joe Hansen homed in on the president’s speech at the 2009 AFL-CIO convention. Obama at the time said union members could keep their insurance under the law, but Hansen writes “that the president’s statement to labor in 2009 is simply not true for millions of workers.”

…“You can’t have the same quality healthcare that you had before, despite what the president said,” Hansen said. “Now what’s going to happen is everybody is going to have to go to private for-profit insurance companies. We just don’t think that’s right. … We just want to keep what we already have and what we bought at tremendous cost.”

…The union president said changes to his members’ health insurance might lead to problems at the ballot box for candidates.

“What happens in 2014 could be at issue here. … There is going to be a lot of disenchantment with how did this happen and who was in power when it happened. No matter what I say, that’s going to be there,” Hansen said. “They are upset already and it hasn’t even taken effect already.”

Don’t you love how all of these groups campaigned for Obama, talked Obamacare up to the skies and yet today, they’re pointing out the same flaws Republicans were warning Americans about before the bill passed. Well, these liberals called down the lightning and now it’s time for them to get a little taste of the same disaster they foisted on the American people. Republicans shouldn’t do anything to make this bill more bearable. No, they should just let it take effect, block every change and just keep asking the question. “Are you ready to repeal yet?” until the answer is “yes.”

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