Three-Step Plan for Solving ObamaCare Crisis

by Dave Blount | March 9, 2017 2:25 pm

Whether you call it ObamaCare 2.0, ObamaCare Lite, RyanCare, TrumpCare, RINOCare, or the American Health Care Act, it smells the same, because it is total garbage. Mike Lee, one of the few conservatives to survive the past year with his principles intact, correctly notes that it is “a step in the wrong direction.”

The Daily Wire lists nine of its flaws:

1. It leaves the pre-existing conditions mandate in place while repealing the individual and employer mandates.
2. Seniors will be adversely affected by the changes listed above.
3. Trumpcare’s tax credits would essentially create a new entitlement program.
4. Trumpcare implements a 30 percent surcharge on those who decide they no longer want to have insurance.
5. The Medicaid expansion will remain in place until 2020.
6. The “Cadillac” tax will not be repealed.
7. Trumpcare provides a bailout to insurers.
8. Illegals will be eligible for Trumpcare.
9. If passed and signed into law, it will be a political albatross for the Republicans.

As for arguments in favor, Conservative Review lists six…

1. “It repeals Obamacare”
2. “It will lower costs”
3. “It’s entitlement reform!”
4. “This is just the first act; let it play out!”
5. “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”
6. “You know it’s a good bill because the Democrats hate it”

…and explains why all of them are false and/or moronic.

There is only one real argument in favor of this onrushing debacle: the firmly held belief that an entitlement cannot be rescinded once it has been bestowed. As the commies at The Washington Compost gloat,

There is no precedent for Congress to reverse a major program of social benefits once it has taken effect and reached millions of Americans.

The belief that entitlements are irreversible must be challenged, because it constitutes abject surrender. The ratchet will move to the left every time Democrats take power, with the result that it is no longer a question of whether we will be reduced to communism, but how long it will take.

We need to smash the ratchet once and for all by proving that an entitlement can be reversed. Only then can we address the menace of unfunded liabilities (currently calculated at over $105 trillion) before they plunge the country into economic collapse.

What about the media, you ask? If only one person benefited from ObamaCare, that person’s tear-jerking plight would lead off every newscast from now until the next election.

Never mind the phony 20 million number; about 14 million have health insurance thanks to ObamaCare (at the expense of the other 305 million Americans). Of these, nearly 12 million were put on expanded Medicaid.

The solution is simple: pay the ObamaCare beneficiaries off. Put them all on Medicaid and let them stay there, grandfathered in. Then buy them all a Cadillac, a new house, and a gold-plated swimming pool so they cannot whine to the media. In the long run, it will be far cheaper — so long as ObamaCare by any name dies.

The Three-Step Plan:

1. Pay off those who benefit from ObamaCare.
2. Repeal ObamaCare root and branch.
3. There is no Step 3. Repeal, but DO NOT REPLACE.

Never would the Founding Fathers have sanctioned the federal government running the health insurance industry, because they were neither tyrants nor fools.

Repeal without replacing or succumb to the ratchet effect.

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