Teen Wanted to Show Patriotism Through Class Project. But Look Closer…

by Frank Lea | February 21, 2016 11:58 am

A very patriotic teenager displayed wonderful class project that included over 4,000 tiny army guy action figures[1] painted and positioned to create the American Flag. He probably knew he would score high on this project, but he probably didn’t predict it would go viral.

high school student patriotism[2]

High school senior Jacob Feazel from Peru, Indiana created a 4’x6′ American flag using the classic plastic toy ‘army guys.’

In an interview with WishTV,  he said, “The soldiers are what make the U.S. free, you know? They fight for us so I figured it’s honoring them by putting them in the flag.”

Once he was done, his parents posted photos of the patriotic project on Facebook[3]. That gallery has been shared over 188,000 times.

Creativity and patriotism – this kid is going places! Here’s a few more pictures and a video of the American Flag made by army guys.

army guy flag truck[4] army guy flag[5] army guy flag1[6]


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