Joe Biden: Ten Pictures That Will Make You Laugh…Or Cry (Pics)

by Greg Campbell | March 11, 2013 6:00 am

Joe Biden, through all of his faults, has always represented to me the ludicrous nature of our winner-take-all electoral system. This man should not be trusted with a sharp pair of scissors, but because he is attached to the Anointed One, the Gary Busey of the executive branch remains a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

I submit to you the top ten pictures of Crazy Uncle Joe.

Joe Biden (2)[1]

And as Vice President Biden crashed a frat party and declared, “You little punks ain’t got nothin’ on ol’ Joe! I am the master of beer pong!” The Secret Service agents assigned to him began questioning their career choices.

Biden and Obama[2]

“Hmm. I have 32 teeth. No, that can’t be right… 1…2….3…”

Biden excited[3]

“I know, Michelle, but the new neighbors are moving in and he says he saw the movers bring in a Slip-N-Slide and he wants to go over and play…”



Joe, just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Biden Baby[5]

Vice President or not, should we really allow this man access to a baby?

Trans am[6]

Alright, I realize this is a Photoshop from The Onion- but it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Joe Biden[7]

“I don’t have a ‘hog,’ per se, but I’ve got a moped and a half tank of gas. Let’s say we ditch these jokers, baby…”


And yet, Howard Dean gave out one “BYAHHH!” and his career was done.

Biden upset[9]

“That was a close one. I almost revealed that I don’t actually know what an AR-15 is.”

Biden 3[10]

Send Joey out to do this, send Joey out to do that… I’m smart… I’m smart and I want respect!”

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