All 35K NYPD Officers Now Being FORCED To Prove How Gender ‘Sensitive’ They Are…

All 35K NYPD Officers Now Being FORCED To Prove How Gender ‘Sensitive’ They Are…

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me. All 35,000 NYPD officers are now being forced to take training and pass a quiz proving that they understand commie de Blasio’s mandate that you get to use whatever restroom that matches the gender you choose at any given moment. You’d think they’d cover men raping and molesting women and children in restrooms in the training since this directly adds to that threat, but sadly, you’d be disappointed. They have to watch a propaganda video entitled: “Transgender Diversity and Inclusion: Mayor’s Executive Order 16.” All supervisors and manager must watch it as well. The quiz is mandatory.

This is sheer leftist lunacy. New York City is broke, but they find the funds to pay for this gender crap. Funny how they can’t find money to pay officers more for their dangerous jobs and keeping New Yorkers safe. De Blasio is busy signing every communist order he can find or dream up. What I don’t understand is why New Yorkers stand for this and elect people like this. I know the police hate him and don’t have much choice. This has got to be hell for them.

From The New York Post:

All 35,000 NYPD cops are being ordered to complete training — and then take a quiz — to prove they understand men and women can use the public bathroom for whatever gender they identify themselves as, police sources said Wednesday.

The officers are being given until Dec. 31 to watch an online training course titled “Transgender Diversity and Inclusion: Mayor’s Executive Order 16,” which will be available to cops online beginning Thursday.

After watching the video and reviewing a pamphlet titled “Gender Identity and Expression,” they will have to take a quiz to prove they understand the directive.

Mayor de Blasio signed the executive order in 2016 that allows people to use restrooms in government building based on their self-determined gender identity.

The same course was recently made available to supervisors and managers.

Instead of being out there on the streets stopping rapists, murderers and gangbangers, police officers are sitting watching a moronic video on why they must obey the whims of Red de Blasio and recognize all genders and where they can take a pee. That, to me, does not seem like a prudent use of funds or of the invaluable time of these officers. I’m sure it will comfort women who are brutally raped in New York that police couldn’t get there in time because they were taking a quiz on transgenders and their toilet habits.

This freakish social justice crap is literally getting people killed and it is turning America into an immoral cesspool. Everything for the tiny minority of mentally confused individuals obsessed with gender and sex… while tax paying Americans are left to fend for themselves in a communist hellhole that takes their guns and leaves them defenseless victims for the bad guys to nail. In my viewpoint, de Blasio is a criminal himself. I consider all communists as such. That he has absolute sway over officers like this is deeply disturbing.

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