ALERT: Police Officers Are On Nationwide Ban… This Is Serious!

ALERT: Police Officers Are On Nationwide Ban… This Is Serious!

NYPD Police Chief James O’Neill has announced that all officers there must work in pairs until further notice. The Chief of Police in DC also ordered officers and supervisors to pair up. Cincinnati will be using two-officer patrols throughout this weekend and maybe beyond. In St. Louis, Chief Sam Dotson ordered all officers to wear bulletproof vests. Things are getting real out there now and the police are at war with radicals on our streets after tragically losing five of their brothers to snipers in Dallas last night. Officers across the country are now on high alert. Boston, Las Vegas, St. Louis and Nassau County have also ordered officers to partner up for assignments.


From the Daily Mail:

Police officers are on alert across the country in the wake of deadly sniper attacks in Dallas on Thursday night that left five cops dead.

Police chiefs in New York, Washington, D.C, Boston, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Nassau County have ordered officers to partner up for assignments.

The NYPD’s chief of department James O’Neill said until further notice, officers are banned officers from responding to calls alone.

‘Effective immediately and until further notice, all uniform members of service are to be assigned in pairs,’ an internal memo from O’Neill says, according to WPIX reporter Myles Miller.

O’Neill added: ‘There will be no solo assignments citywide.’

The NYPD has now said until further notice that officers are banned from responding to calls alone. Social media outlets will be intensely monitored and police are requesting the public’s assistance in any way possible to stop threats to public safety. Given the paramilitary terrorist cell that took down the officers in Dallas, every bit of this is warranted and prudent in nature. Our officers are being hunted, ambushed and executed. They will protect themselves and the public at all costs. The police union is standing behind this for the safety of the officers. America just became a war zone and the police are on the front lines. My prayers are with them.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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