Armed black man pulled over by police, shocks the world because he wasn’t afraid

Armed black man pulled over by police, shocks the world because he wasn’t afraid

In Springfield, Virginia, Terence Dangerfield was pulled over by a cop. He’s black and was driving an illegally modified car. He hadn’t gone in for an inspection yet. When the officer approached his car, Terrence greeted him and the officer asked for his license and registration. Terence said he would comply, but wanted the officer to know he was armed and the gun was on his right hip. His wallet was in his right back pocket. He asked the officer how he would like him to retrieve his wallet. The officer told him to keep his left hand where he could see it and to slowly pull out his wallet. He did so and the cop went to check on him.

When he returned, he told Terence that he had several ticketable offenses, but that he wouldn’t write him a ticket. Just get it fixed. He thanked Terence for letting him know he was armed and went on his way. That’s exactly the way it should work. This had nothing to do with race and the driver did everything perfectly when stopped by a police officer. He was straightforward and honest and the officer treated him with respect. It was a non-issue. Terrence ended his Facebook post with this: “No guns were drawn, no being removed from my vehicle, no getting beat down or tased. Not even a ticket. Now, please, tell me more about how all of these cops are out to get us,” he wrote.


From The Sun Herald:

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When Terence Dangerfield was pulled over by a cop Monday night in Springfield, Virginia, he had a feeling he knew why the police officer had asked him to stop.

Dangerfield, who identified himself as a black man, was driving an illegally modified car, he recounted later in a Facebook post. He had changed the exhaust and the tag lights, and he hadn’t taken his vehicle in for its required inspection.

There was also another issue: Dangerfield was carrying a Glock 26 on his right hip.

The officer, Dangerfield wrote, said hello and asked him for his license and car registration. Dangerfield spoke up before he moved.

“Before I even lifted a finger, I said, ‘Sure thing sir,’” he recalled in his post. “‘However I am armed. The gun is on my right hip and my wallet is in my right back pocket. How would you like me to get my wallet?’

“He said, ‘That’s fine, just keep your left hand where I can see it and reach for your wallet slowly, okay?’”

Terence was not profiled because he was black and he wasn’t roughed up. There was no confrontation like there was here in Tulsa, because he followed procedure and instructions. Things should never get to the point that someone gets shot if you are doing the right thing.

He had no fear for his life. It was just a routine stop and the officer did his job perfectly. This happens all the time, but you never see it in the news. Thanks Terence for posting this… you handled it the right way and it turned out well for everyone, just as it usually does.

The Fairfax County Police Department also responded:

“All we can say is thank you,” the department wrote. “Thank you for being understanding toward the officer’s task and duty. Thank you for telling the officer you were armed and the proximity of the pistol to your wallet. Thank you for verbalizing each of your actions, so the officer knew what to expect.”

Finally, Terence had this to say: “I had no fear of my life,” he told a disbelieving commenter, adding that he felt protected in the presence of police. “You have to stop and think about what these officers encounter. They don’t know us or our intentions when they pull us over and they have families that they would like to go back home to. If I can ensure that when dealing with them, they are comfortable and at ease, I will. Had nothing to do with me being fearful.”


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