As Riots and Witch Hunts Busy Police, Unrelated Crime Rages in Baltimore

by Dave Blount | May 8, 2015 12:10 pm

Meanwhile, as the liberal journalists who played such a central role in creating the mindset responsible for the Baltimore riots continue to work themselves into a lather over the alleged evil of the police, their own handiwork demonstrates what a world without police would be like:

As most of Baltimore Police focused on protests, riots and looting last week, the city continued to be plagued with another problem which was present before the protests and will likely remain once they have subsided.

Homicides in the city have increased by 25 percent, with 77 intentional deaths so far this year. Twenty people have been killed since the death of Freddy Gray, the man who died from a head and spinal injury while in police custody and the spark in an onslaught of both peaceful and violent protests. Last week alone, more than a dozen different shootings across the city claimed at least two lives while all eyes – and a good portion of law enforcement – remained centered on the city’s civil unrest.

When the police are busy having rocks thrown at them by savages, who is going to do their job of keeping the city relatively inhabitable? Oh that’s right, vicious gangs can do the job.

Meanwhile, local authorities scapegoat officers with preposterous charges that would never hold up in any legitimate court, and the radical Injustice Department has been called in to seek out more witches I mean racists.

The only thing standing between most of our cities and primeval jungle.

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