Berkeley Police Website EXPOSES Why Cops In That City Are FRAUDS!

Berkeley Police Website EXPOSES Why Cops In That City Are FRAUDS!

If you thought Berkeley, California couldn’t get any more absurd, wait until you see this.

Instapundit posted a screenshot from the Berkeley Police Department web page which provides an “event planning checklist,” for protesters.

Take a look. The highlighted section reads:

Do you want symbolic arrests?

If so, where and when?

Is this not insane?! What the hell is this department thinking? It is beyond amazing that an agency created to serve and protect the people, have allowed such violence to be perpetrated on peaceful protesters. ‘Symbolic arrests’? What does that even mean and how does that even attempt to help anyone?

We have a First Amendment that is given by our almighty Creator and recognized by government… but apparently not by the Berkeley Police Department. There was absolutely NO reason for the police to be at last weekend’s rally. They were feckless. They were submissive and they allowed the will of a crazed, violent, IRONICALLY fascist set of students and scumbags to walk up and down the Trump supporters. This is not right and the decent people of Berkeley (if they exists) need to take a stand and demand some accountability on the side of the police, because this is unacceptable.

The taxpayers have been giving up their hard earned money to the Berkeley Police Department for absolutely nothing. NOTHING. But hey, maybe that’s how Berkeley wants their police – terrible.

If you can swing it, pick up this new book. In John Hawkins’ new book ‘101 Things Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches that “People are what they are for a reason, and rarely does love, a good talking-to, a reluctant trip to a counselor, or the gift of a book change them.”

None of these fascists are going to listen to anyone, so we might as well plan ahead and proceed before another Trump rally happens with these boobs showing up.

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