#BlackLivesMatter Lunatics Roast A Pig Named Darren Wilson And Carve It At #Ferguson PD

#BlackLivesMatter Lunatics Roast A Pig Named Darren Wilson And Carve It At #Ferguson PD

Groups of moronic protesters stated #BlackLivesMatter and sliced up a pig named Darren at the #Ferguson PD. The whole protest was pointless, but that pig sure looked delicious.


They’re commemorating the death of the criminal Mike Brown on August 9, so they are being more loony than normal, which was already pretty loony.

I don’t understand how groups of people can continuously support criminals. If you’ve read any of the documentation regarding the Darren Wilson and Mike Brown incident that led to Brown’s death, then you know that Mike Brown had already committed a crime and that no credible witness supported anything involving Mike Brown other than the fact he was a criminal.

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Mike Brown’s parents should be ashamed that they’re such bad parents who raised a son who would bully and rob store clerk, not follow police directions, and somehow get himself into a scuffle with police and eventually get shot.

But no, the brutal combination of lack of education, no sense of morals, a ridiculous type of stupidity, and trying to live off the system continues to ruin urban culture and stir up nonsense for everyone else.

If I ever raised a son who got into that kind of trouble, I would be appalled and upset with myself while wondering where I went wrong as a parent. I wouldn’t be hosting a pig roast to deflect the fact that I was low life parent who raised a thug for a son.

Instead of hosting a pig roast against the police, how about raising awareness and teaching  children to be respectful citizens who do not break the law?

Criminals who commit petty crimes do not deserve death as punishment, which is something we can all agree on. However, when a police officer instructs you to do something, such as STOP, then you do it immediately without question. 99% of all incidents with police can be a peaceful experience if one simply follows the directions. This starts from a very young age when your parents teach you how to respect adults, unless you’re a bad parent, which is very possible here.

Following the law is how we keep communities thriving and lively. Even if you’re innocent, you follow directions and you handle it in court the correct way. Anytime you try to battle a police officer, you run the risk of getting yourself shot. What people forget is that cops are human and they have families to go home to.  Cops risk their lives every day and deal with more stressful nonsense then most jobs can even offer.

If I was Darren Wilson, I would’ve shot Mike Brown too, and Mike Brown’s parents owe the world an apology for what their son has done. I also want an apology for not getting an invite to the rally on the account that I really love pulled pork.

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