BREAKING NEWS: Philadelphia Police Officers Ambushed By Gunman – 2 Dead, 5 Wounded [VIDEO]

BREAKING NEWS: Philadelphia Police Officers Ambushed By Gunman – 2 Dead, 5 Wounded [VIDEO]

You know what is not mentioned once here… Black Lives Matter. I would bet this guy was part of them. He left a note saying that he hated cops and probation officers. He ambushed the first officer and shot her eight times… mostly in the arm. Her bullet-proof vest saved her life. Last night in Philadelphia, a suspect shot two police officers, who will survive, one of them was the female officer he first ambushed.

He then ran and shot a security guard at a nightclub and shot a woman in the leg that he had taken as a human shield. He ran again and this time he shot two people, a man and a woman through the windshield in their car, in the chest. The woman later died and the man is in critical condition.

Officers gave chase and finally caught up with the suspect. They shot him dead, which is totally expected after something like this. It’s just sad that the guy was able to kill someone before being taken out.


From Allen West:

Seven people were shot [the gunman included], including two police officers, after an ambush-style attack that led to a fatal shootout in West Philadelphia. A civilian and the gunman are dead.

It all started around 11:20 p.m. Friday on the 5200 block of Sansom Street.

Police say Sgt. Sylvia Young, a 19-year veteran with the Philadelphia Police Department, was sitting in her patrol car when she was ambushed by the suspect.

She was shot eight times, mostly in the left arm. Police say her bullet-proof vest protected her during the assault.

The suspect fled on foot, and police gave chase.

Police say the suspect then fired shots into Maximum Level Lounge, located on the 5100 block of Sansom Street, striking a security guard in the leg.

The suspect reportedly used a woman as a human shield to protect himself from officers. He then shot her in the leg.

The suspect then fled to 48th and Walnut, police say, where he fired shots into a white vehicle.

Two occupants, a man and a woman, were hit in the chest.

The victims were taken to the hospital where the woman was later pronounced dead. The man remains in critical condition.

The chase continued and culminated with a shootout between the suspect and police.

A University of Pennsylvania police officer, identified as 56-year-old Eddie Miller, was was hit in the leg and buttocks.

The suspect was shot and killed.

In a press conference, Commissioner Richard Ross said police found a note at the scene stating the suspect hated cops and probation officers.

While we are all being subjected to whining, wealthy spoiled racist brats in the NFL and other places, cops are still being hunted down for assassination. That first officer is very lucky to have survived this attack. Now the Philadelphia Police Department is requiring officers to pair up for patrols. They should have done that long ago.

This is not going away… the threat to police officers is getting progressively worse. This is the Black Lives Matter movement at play, along with the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam. It was Philly last night, it could be anywhere in America next.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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