California BLM Invited To BBQ By Police, They REFUSE – ‘I Eat Pigs, I Don’t Eat With Them’

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | July 23, 2016 8:33 am

Black Lives Matter[1] broke bread with police officers at a BBQ in Kansas last week. It was a terrific event by all accounts. But in California, where the group is far more militant, not so much. In Oakland, Black Lives Matter refused to eat with cops, with one protester saying: “I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them.” Charming. There is a large faction of the movement that is set on a race war and killing cops and they aren’t bashful about admitting it. It is small wonder that Oakland is a hot bed of radical racists, considering they are home to communists and those who want to overthrow the Constitution and the rule of law. Welcome to the Golden State… it’s kind of tarnished these days and more red than golden.


From Young Conservatives:

The Oakland chapter of Black Lives Matter has declined an invitation to participate in a barbecue with the local police department, with one protester explaining, “I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them.”

The department came up with the idea after a similar cookout in Wichita, Kansas, met with success on Tuesday. That event replaced a planned protest after police officials proposed the idea.

On Wednesday, Oakland protesters chained themselves to the doors of the Oakland Police Officers’ Association. Karissa Lewis, a self-described “radical black farmer” associated with the movement, explained the group’s position to local Fox affiliate KTVU. “Barbecues aren’t going to stop the brutality that black folks are facing,” Lewis said. “A barbecue is definitely not going to stop this blockade. And as a radical-black farmer from East Oakland, I eat pigs. I don’t eat with them.” Most of the protesters “seemed to be in agreement” with Lewis, KTVU reported, though Oakland police said the offer remained open. If I were the officers in Oakland, I wouldn’t hold my breath and I’d really watch my back there. These people are a direct threat to them and dangerous. The police stepped forward to reach out to these thugs… all they’ll get in return is violence.



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