Comedy Central Announces New Show – The Show’s Premise? Insulting Police Officers…

Comedy Central Announces New Show – The Show’s Premise? Insulting Police Officers…

Hollywood has not only hit bottom… they are scraping it. Somehow, in their twisted brains, they figure that ‘roasting’, i.e. insulting, police officers is funny. I kid you not. Per Breitbart: “Comedy Central has ordered a new one-hour special “roast” of police officers that will explore law enforcement’s alleged use of excessive force and racial profiling, and examine the risks police take every day to keep communities safe. The special will be hosted by “America’s Roastmaster General” and progressive Democrat Jeff Ross.” Really guys? These officers that you so shamelessly accuse of racism and excessive force are the same officers who protect you. I wouldn’t blame them if they had a bad day when you call on them to save your sorry ass. Just sayin’. What an insult. Not funny.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Hollywood hit a new low this week in launching a television special aimed squarely at America’s Thin Blue Line.

According to Rolling Stone, Comedy Central has partnered with comedian and progressive Democrat Jeff Ross to bring a one hour special to the airwaves in which Ross will “roast” police officers. With his unique brand of insult comedy, he will “explore burning national issues and ride along in the hottest seat in town” as he tosses barbs and insults at the police community.

Known as “America’s Roastmaster General,” Ross will use this special to examine the risks facing police officers and their families while delving into issues like their alleged use of excessive force and racial profiling.

From Comedy Central: “This special finds Jeff looking at the complicated national issues surrounding policing; from race, profiling and excessive force to the risks officers take every day and the effect that police work has on their lives, families and health. To understand what it means to be a cop in America today, Ross steps behind the thin blue line for a ride-along/Roast-along with a cross section of officers from a major, metropolitan police force. Along the way, Jeff meets with perps, anti-police activists, newly-minted cadets and seasoned top brass.” Jeff Ross is the same asshat who in 2012 posted a meme that said he was glad Charlton Heston was dead. Comedy Central even had to cut a portion of his roast of actress Roseanne Barr when he made an off-color and disrespectful joke about the Aurora movie theater shooting. The guy is crass and rude. He’s vile. The police-oriented program follows last year’s Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at the Brazos County Jail special from last year, in which the comedian “roasted” inmates at the Texas jail. In 2011, Ross performed a roughly 15-minute “roast” of big banks and Wall Street in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street protesters in Los Angeles. He’s a liberal Marxist who pretends to be a comedian… how droll.

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