Congressman Sees Cop Hating Portrait Displayed On US Capital Wall – Takes EPIC Action!

Congressman Sees Cop Hating Portrait Displayed On US Capital Wall – Takes EPIC Action!

It just may be that Representative Duncan Hunter has had enough of the anti-police rhetoric and sentiment poisoning not only our culture, but even the Capitol complex (not a far stretch).


Hunter, who served as a Marine, saw an unacceptable injustice and remedied the problem.

According to Fox News, the Republican congressman took matters into his own hands Friday and personally took down a painting depicting police officers as pigs that a colleague had permitted to be displayed at the U.S. Capitol complex.

“I was angry. I’ve seen the press [reporting] on this for about a week or so…I’m in the Marine Corps. If you want it done, just call us.”

Hunter said he loosened the artwork from off the wall and delivered it to the office of Rep. Lacy Clay, D-MO, the very same congressman whose office permitted the piece to be exhibited. The painting was done by a high school student who had been chosen the winner of Clay’s annual Congressional Art competition in May.


The description of the ‘art’ piece is as follows:

“The painting depicts Ferguson, the man nailed like Jesus on the cross has a graduation hat. Mike Brown was frequently pictured by media with a graduation mortarboard and described as someone who was off to college, not someone who had just robbed a store. In addition to depicting police as pigs and racists, the painting implies the police murdered Brown.”

It is not difficult to see that any framed piece hung on the walls of the United States Capitol would connote the support of the government for its display. It can easily be seen as supporting attacks on police and accusing them effectively of a murder that has already been disproved in a court of law.

Needless to say, police were outraged over the art and it led to 27,000 law enforcement professionals protesting the painting.

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