Tragedy struck Dallas last night as a gun battle erupted and it was the deadliest day for law enforcement since 9/11. 12 officers were shot, five were killed and two bystanders were wounded. Three snipers were taken into custody and one was accidentally blown up when a robot set off an IED that was next to the guy. We are at war and the American Spring has officially arrived. This was at a Black Lives Matter protest – they took place all across the country yesterday. Before the asshat died, he said he hated cops and white people. That the end was near and many more cops would die. I grieve for the fallen officers in Dallas today. My prayers are with their loved ones, families, fellow officers, the wounded and all of Dallas. Just horrific.


From the Daily Mail:

Twelve police officers were shot and five killed while working at a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas Thursday night, by a gunman who said he carried out the attack to revenge the two police-related deaths of black men this week.

Shots rang out at the previously peaceful protest just before 9pm, and witness video shows marchers screaming and fleeing from the scene in horror.

All five cops killed were men and two have been identified so far: 43-year-old DART Officer Brent Thompson and young young father Patrick Zamarripa.

Around 11pm, cops cornered a suspect at nearby El Centro College and attempted to negotiate with him, but four hours later the talks failed and a robot was brought in to detonate a bomb and kill the suspect.

Before he died however, the gunman told the hostage negotiator his motivations behind the attack.

‘The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter. He said he was upset about the recent police shootings of black suspects. He said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,’ Dallas Police Chief David Brown revealed at a 7:30am press conference.

Authorities have not yet released the name of the shooter. He allegedly claimed to have acted alone, countering previous reports that as many as four gunmen were involved in the massacre. Three other suspects were taken into custody at the scene Thursday night, but Chief Brown refused to go into detail about these arrests. However, he said that his department is still not certain that everyone involved in the attack.

The dead perp said he acted alone, which is obviously not true. This was planned well in advance and was carried out in military-fashion. Those snipers were on rooftops to begin with. Behind this you will probably find BLM, the New Black Panthers, communists, radicals and Jihadists. Others may be taken into custody over this as well. Obama decried the killings from Poland and blamed it on… wait for it… guns. So not shocked by that. Jihadist chatter is all over the place and ISIS is closely following events in Dallas. A Jihadi Telegram channel found inspiration in the sniper attack in Dallas, suggesting Muslim fighters carry out similar shootings and that online Jihadists instigate black men against the US government. The chaos and attempted race wars that we have warned about for some time have now arrived. Pray for our police officers and for America.





















Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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