More Dead Cops, Body Count Growing!

More Dead Cops, Body Count Growing!

Steven Crowder has a message for Black Lives Matter… you suck. They are a militant, racist, radical, violent group who gets off on killing cops. Especially white cops. Five dead in Dallas, three more in Baton Rouge… and today… two police officers were shot at a traffic stop in San Diego. One was killed and the other has been rushed to surgery. They never saw it coming. They have one suspect in custody and are looking for several others. This is assassination being done in the name of Black Lives Matter. It is murder by revolutionaries who seek a race war. And the body count for officers just keeps growing.


From Louder with Crowder:

Dear Black Lives Matter and all of its racist, anti-cop, fact-hating constituents…

Where does one even begin when it comes to pointing out your hateful suckage? We could start with your support of white genocide (see Black Lives Matter Founder Tweets About ‘Killing White Folk.’ and #BlackLivesMatter Idiot Caught Tweeting ‘Master Plan’… About Killing All Whites). Or your chilling desire to re-segregate the populace. Is it any wonder that over 100k people have desperately implored the White House to label you a terrorist group? You’ve already given us plenty of proof of your racism, but that’s old news. It’s your cop-killing rhetoric that’s becoming the real problem here.

In the past month alone there’ve been multiple organized attacks on police. First there was Dallas, then there was Baton Rouge, and then there was Baton Rouge… again. Two separate incidents connected by the same moronic, violent ideology. An ideology with which I’m sure you’re well acquainted. See, it’s Black Lives Matter who resorts to violence in times of distress. Ever notice how your “peaceful protests” end in riots and death? You’re the ones breaking windows and tossing flaming dumpsters through your neighbors shops every time you get angry. You’re the ones sniping cops when a trial doesn’t go the way you think it ought to. Because #HandsUpDontShoot… Unless you’re wearing a badge. Isn’t that right?

Does it sound like I’m pinning the blame for these deaths squarely on your shoulders? That’s because I am. It’s you, Black Lives Matter, who has taken the rare actions of a few and applied them to a whole. Among educated groups, we call that “generalizing.” You’d likely more easily recognize it as “prejudice.” Remember that word?

The shooting happened at approximately 11 p.m. PST this morning in the Southcrest neighborhood, San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman told reporters early Friday outside Scripps Mercy Hospital. The officers — both assigned to the department’s gang unit — had just pulled over a car when, almost immediately after, they called for emergency cover, Zimmerman said. “Other officers were in the area. They arrived shortly on scene and found both of our officers suffering from gunshot wounds,” she added. One of the officers died at the hospital after suffering multiple gunshot wounds to his upper torso. The other cop was also shot in the upper torso and rushed to surgery. “We are hopeful that that officer will survive and make a full recovery,” Zimmerman said. The department later tweeted that he is “expected to survive.” This is the handiwork of Black Lives Matter. So, yes… they suck and they need to be stopped. BLM has said that you are either with them or against them… we are solidly against them. The killing of cops will not go unanswered.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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