What Donald Trump did for Police working at violent protests

by Frank Lea | November 13, 2016 6:31 am

Finally there’s a President (elect) who supports police. For eight years it seems like President Barack Obama hated cops. When cops did their job, putting their life on the line, it always seemed like Obama hated on the police. It didn’t seem like he ever once in his easy life support the blue collar protectors of the innocent.

It’s a great surprise to see that Donald Trump is already taking small steps to show his support.

The video below is just a small example of his gratitude for the police officers of New York. He has provided a free meal for the officers who have to unfortunately deal with all the loser liberals causing chaos because they lost in a fair election.

The spread @realDonaldTrump[1] is providing officers at #TrumpProtest[2] in #Chicago[3] #ThankYou[4] pic.twitter.com/AyN5IRK2YL[5]

— Darren (@ChiTownCheese) November 12, 2016[6]

It’s not steak and lobster, but at least the cops don’t have to get ganged up on in a deli somewhere in NYC. At least the cops have a place to take a quick break before they get outside and hopefully mace someone or shoot them with a fire-hose.

Sounds mean to say it, but I don’t care about the liberals and Democrats who are protesting. They’re all maniacs and sore losers. Where were the protests and nonsense when Obama won? There wasn’t any. People went home and dealt with it for eight years. Now the other team wins and these idiots want to protest? No. Go home.

Do people protest every time their sports team loses a game? No, because that’s ridiculous. If they did, then the Cleveland Browns fans would need to quit their job and become professional protesters. Might be ten years before they have a winning record.

At the end of the day, it’s just nice to see our future President notice and help take care of the police. The cops take care of us and risk their lives, the least we could do is pay them some respect.

Do you want to do that job?

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