Fast Food Employee Fired For What She Did To Police Officers

by Sierra Marlee | October 15, 2017 2:56 pm

Working as a LEO is right up there with parenting and becoming a teacher when it comes to working thankless jobs. There is very little praise for what they do, especially now that Black Lives Matter has convinced the mindless masses that people only want to be cops so they can get away with killing minorities, or some other similar nonsense.

An example of this irrational hatred/fear was displayed by a Texas Whataburger employee who refused to serve three local police officers and allegedly cursed at them and when the manager arrived to address the issue, his only response was “I don’t get into politics.”

And we’re expected to support these people receiving $15/hr.

Not gonna happen.


Chief Jay Burch of the Denison Police Department detailed the incident on their Facebook page. He then addressed this and other businesses, asking them to make it clear whether they don’t want to serve cops.

“If a business does not want police officers as customers, just let us know,” he wrote. “There’s no need to curse us and make a scene, just let us know you don’t want us there and we’ll go somewhere else.”

“Now going somewhere else in Denison in the middle of the night is not easy because our officers don’t have many options,” he continued. “What really gets my goat with such an incident is that while most of us are sleeping – sleeping!, the officers are out there working hard to keep us safe and when trying to take a break to eat – they face this type of reception from an employee of a local business and management calls it ‘politics’?”

While Burch never explicitly named the restaurant that refused service, local media identified Whataburger as the culprit. The business later put out a statement on the incident, stating that the employee had been fired.

The spokesman stated that “an individual employee acted out of line with Whataburger’s values to treat all customers with respect. We took swift action and this person is no longer employed by us.”

Keep in mind that while one of the employees refused to serve the officers, they were served by another employee and will not hold this incident against this establishment.

“I am saddened, disappointed and angry about the treatment these two officers received this morning,” said Sgt. Holly Jenkins in Facebook. “However, when Whataburger or their staff call, we will respond. We will not hesitate. We will respond with courage, compassion and professionalism.”

I’m proud of this company for taking a stand against such a hateful, rude employee for expressing an opinion that is all too common these days. I’m also proud of the cops for maintaining their professionalism in the face of such misplaced anger.

For what it’s worth, I think it’s time to replace “#BakeTheCake” with “#FlipTheBurger.”

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