Introducing Patrick Zamarripa, Can You Guess Where He Is Now?! [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | July 8, 2016 2:59 pm

One of the five officers[1] murdered in Dallas last night was Patrick Zamarripa. He was a Mexican-American Navy veteran, loved being a cop and a dad. RIP Patrick – so many will miss you… especially your little girl. He was a patriot and loved America and his work. He also loved the military. He gave his life protecting others and was brought down by racist cowards. Above all, he loved his brethren in the police force. His family is in deep grief today. My thoughts and prayers are with them.


From the Independent Journal:

A coordinated sniper attack in Dallas last night cost 5 police officers their lives. One of them has been named: Patrick Zamarripa.

Patrick was a devoted officer, loving father and patriotic American. He was also an avid user on twitter. His tweets paint a picture of an honorable man, horrifically cut down before his time.

Maria Zamarripa[3], her television tuned to the murderous rampage in Dallas, grabbed her phone to frantically text her stepson: “Can u please let us know if you are OK?” When he never replied, she immediately thought the worst. “I got that gut feeling when I texted him,” Maria Zamarripa recalled Friday inside the family’s suburban Texas home. “I knew.” Her premonition proved sadly prescient: The five-year police veteran and father of a beautiful 2 year-old girl was among the five officers killed Thursday night in a racist rampage. Patrick was just 32 and he served three tours of duty in Iraq. He survived the Jihadists over there, only to be gunned down in the streets of Dallas. Patrick was the oldest of three brothers. Zamarripa was a devoted fan of the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys, and his girlfriend Kristy was at a Rangers’ game when the ambush began. He was also helping to raise Kristy’s older son. “He loved being a dad,” Maria said. And he loved being a cop. He will be missed.


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