New Study Reveals Future of American Police and It’s Terrifying [VIDEO]

New Study Reveals Future of American Police and It’s Terrifying [VIDEO]

Even with a police-friendly President in office, things are more dangerous than ever for police officers these days. Barack Obama did a great job of turning black communities against the police. 28% of officer killings are now motivated by cop-hatred and not just the panic of trying to avoid arrest. An FBI study came out last month that shows officers are now “de-policing” in an effort to either not be killed or dragged into court. This primarily comes as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, along with the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam hunting cops down and killing them. Officers now engage mostly in reactive policing, rather than pro-active engagement. And that is very, very dangerous for all of us.

The wave of protests and violence on the left towards police officers has had a chilling effect on enforcement. This makes it much more likely that officers will die in the line of duty… it also means many more innocent people will die. Obama knew this and didn’t give a crap. He was and is after all, a racist. The FBI report is entitled: “The Assailant Study – Mindsets and Behavior.” The report was written in 2016, when 64 officers were killed in 53 incidents. This pretty much started with the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO, in 2014.

From The Washington Times:

An unclassified FBI study on last year’s cop-killing spree found officers are “de-policing” amid concerns that anti-police defiance fueled in part by movements like Black Lives Matter has become the “new norm.”

“Departments — and individual officers — have increasingly made the decision to stop engaging in proactive policing,” said the report by the FBI Office of Partner Engagement obtained by The Washington Times.

The report, “Assailant Study — Mindsets and Behaviors,” said that the social-justice movement sparked by the 2014 death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of an officer in Ferguson, Missouri, “made it socially acceptable to challenge and discredit the actions of law enforcement.”

FBI spokesman Matthew Bertron said the study was written in April.

“Nearly every police official interviewed agreed that for the first time, law enforcement not only felt that their national political leaders [publicly] stood against them, but also that the politicians’ words and actions signified that disrespect to law enforcement was acceptable in the aftermath of the Brown shooting,” the study said.

As a result, “Law enforcement officials believe that defiance and hostility displayed by assailants toward law enforcement appears to be the new norm.”

It has now become acceptable in society to challenge police and the law. This attitude was fueled by the narrative of police misconduct and excessive force perpetuated through leftist politicians and the media. And it’s not just them… police feel that their own leaders stand against them. They no longer have their back. Take for instance the painting of cops depicted as feral pigs battling black protesters that Democrats hung in the Capital building. It was taken down several times and then put back up. It was eventually removed, but it was a disgrace to begin with and should never have been allowed.

Every time that a police officer is in an altercation with someone of color, they are now subject not just to lawsuits, but to having their lives taken by criminals and protesters. Ambushes of officers are up this year and the killing goes on. The media doesn’t care, in fact, they quietly cheer it. This is what radical communists and Islamists do. They go after the police because if they can take them down, they can then take the country down. “De-policing” also leads to more crime, argues City-Journal writer Heather Mac Donald, as evidenced by an increasing murder rate in the nation’s largest cities as well as an increased number of gun murders of police officers. Mac Donald refers to this phenomena as “The Ferguson Effect.” It’s a nationwide scourge now and our streets are growing ever more lethal because of it. Brought to you by Barack Obama and the Democrats.

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