What these NYPD detectives do for kids is absolutely heart warming

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | May 8, 2016 12:23 pm

Just wow…[1] two New York City detectives collected nearly 400 gowns, shoes, purses and jewelry to donate to girls from needy families so they could go to the prom. Dozens of young ladies lined up at the High School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety in Jamaica, Queens for the “Prom Impact” event, where the items were given out. This act of kindness and charity made it possible for so many young girls from families all over to attend the prom… families who didn’t have the funds to deck them out for the event. This is just a wonderful thing to do. I’m impressed.


From NY Daily News:

For one day only, NYPD stood for New York Prom Dresses.

Two city community affairs detectives collected nearly 400 gowns — along with heels, fancy purses and jewelry — before a Saturday giveaway to girls from needy families.

Dozens of teens lined up at the High School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety in Jamaica, Queens, where the “Prom Impact” event was held.

“We realized the girls here never went to their proms, because they couldn’t afford to buy prom dresses,” said Detective Tanya Duheney. “So for me to bring this to these girls is a thrill for me.” Applause and cheers filled the school gym as each potential prom queen emerged from a dressing room wearing her new gown. There were a whole bunch of thrilled teens there with smiles all around. And each of them will now be able to attend the prom with their dates and make memories that will last forever. All thanks to selfless detectives who gave their all for these girls. It makes you proud of the NYPD and police in general and it is absolutely heart warming.



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