OUTRAGE: Liberal U.S. Judge Disarms Police Officers Called To Testify Against Thug At Trial

OUTRAGE: Liberal U.S. Judge Disarms Police Officers Called To Testify Against Thug At Trial

This development is extremely alarming. In La Crosse, Wisconsin a judge ordered three police officers to disarm and take off their duty belts before testifying in court against a suspect. She jeopardized the safety of the court, herself, the jurors and the police themselves by doing this. The police have never been subjected to this insanity before. The judge enforces this policy only during jury trials and says it allows the jury to view officers as “witnesses without distraction.” What bull crap. Frankly, that would scare the crap out of me.

A trial is not a safe place to be if the officers attending are disarmed. Many things could go wrong and this judge is putting everyone’s lives at risk because of liberal moronitude. She says guns can be a distraction… well, so can death lady. She spewed liberal nonsense saying that the sight of a gun can be traumatic for some people. Again, I contend that being at risk of getting killed is far more traumatic. This woman should be stripped of being a judge and should be disbarred for this nuttery.


From the La Crosse Tribune:

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La Crosse’s police chief argues a La Crosse County judge jeopardized courtroom safety when she disarmed officers called to testify in a police battery case.

La Crosse County Circuit Judge Ramona Gonzalez at the start on Mark Topness’ trial on Tuesday for 10 crimes told three uniformed La Crosse police officers that they could not wear their firearms or duty belts in the courtroom.

“It was the first time I’ve ever been asked to disarm,” officer Ethan Purkapile said. “I was definitely concerned because it compromised my ability to protect the DA’s office staff, the jurors, the circuit court staff, Judge Gonzalez and myself.”

The judge argues that her policy, enforced only during jury trials, allows jurors to view police as “witnesses without distraction.”

“And sometimes guns can be a distraction,” she said.

Gonzalez also contends the policy protects jurors who suffered a traumatic experience with a firearm. A gun visible to jurors, she said, could be grounds for an appeal.

This is another move towards banning guns. The more these Progressives get away with this crap, the more they will try. Her contention that seeing an armed officer could be grounds for appeal is laughable. “How many court cases have been appealed due to an officer wearing a duty belt with a weapon exposed?” Police Chief Ron Tischer said. “I’ve never heard of one.” Neither has anyone else.

The only way an officer can be armed now during a trial is if the gun is concealed by clothing. Let’s mull this over, shall we? Now it will take an officer a few seconds longer to draw his gun. If those couple of seconds were the difference between you living and dying, would you still think this is a good idea? No, of course not.

In Wisconsin, State Supreme Court rules allow each circuit judge or court commissioner to decide whether officers can carry weapons inside a courtroom on a case-by-case basis. So, the judge can certainly get away with this. It still should not be allowed. Did you know that officers are already not allowed to carry a gun in a federal courtroom? I didn’t. Things have devolved constitutionally far more than I realized.

In 2015, La Crosse County Courthouse security confiscated more than 1,400 knives and more than 300 box cutters or razor blades. Disarmed officers would not be able to protect against that and I guarantee that those weapons can kill you deader than a door nail. The whole scenario is frightening and very real. Personally, I would not want to serve on a jury where the officers are disarmed.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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