Police Ask Peaceful Protesters to Stop Throwing Rocks and Urine [VIDEO]

Police Ask Peaceful Protesters to Stop Throwing Rocks and Urine [VIDEO]

This is just embarrassing. I mean, what kind of police department has to take to Twitter to politely ask protesters to stop throwing urine and rocks at them?

Perhaps I just have an extremely low tolerance for stupidity and violence, but you wouldn’t be able to pry me off of someone who was trying to injure me for simply protecting people from their harmful behavior. It’s probably a good thing I’m not a police officer.

What began as a free-speech rally quickly morphed into street violence between Antifa protesters and uniformed officers from the Boston Police Department.

The BPD confirmed there were people throwing rocks at them during the demonstration.

They also politely asked that the fine folks in the crowd stop attacking them with their own urine. Because nothing says “I’m against fascism” like throwing glass bottles of bodily fluid at the men and women who are there for your protection and the protection of the people around you.

Could it that Trump was right when he said that both the neo-Nazis and Antifa were violent?

Nah, that’s not possible. CNN told me that there were only harmful actions coming from the alt-Right. They wouldn’t lie to me, right?

The truth is beginning to make me uncomfortable.


I’m calling an Uber to take me to my safe space.

I don’t know who “DJ Loaf” is, but I do know one thing for certain: Clearly all of the good stage names are already spoken for.

On a more serious note, can we talk for a minute about how Trump was exactly right when he called out the violence “on many sides?” Because the liberal media was all up in arms about how he was failing to condemn the neo-Nazis by saying that, but the actions of the Antifa mob in Boston seem to have proven his point.

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