Police Officers Are Being Tarred And Feathered Without The Facts [VIDEO]

Police Officers Are Being Tarred And Feathered Without The Facts [VIDEO]

The shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana had nothing to do with race. It had to do with two officers responding to a call that a man was armed and threatening people. Not all the facts are in and we still don’t know much. After seeing two videos and reading accounts on the altercation, it looks like the guy was a felon, had a gun in his pocket, resisted arrest and possibly reached for an officer’s gun. Did the cops screw up? Possibly. Could it have been handled differently? I think so. Does it look bad. You betcha. But all police officers are now being tarred and feathered just for doing their jobs. You didn’t hear about a white kid being shot in California yesterday by cops because he was armed did you? But it happened. You didn’t hear about a black perp trying to kill officers with an AR-15 yesterday either. But that happened as well. It’s selective reporting with cherry picked facts and that in itself is discriminatory against police officers.


From Louder with Crowder:

Yesterday a black man was shot by white cops. Surely you’ve heard of him by now: Alton Sterling. We tried to wait for the facts of the case to come out (read our post here), but the left couldn’t wait. They immediately pivoted to COPS ARE RACIST. Except maybe that’s not true. Which, had we waited for the facts, may have know. Here, allow me to explain:

We’re now living in a time where waiting for the facts is seen as racist. No. Waiting for the facts is simply waiting for the facts. Speaking of which, we have some. Trigger-warning: they destroy leftist narratives.

Evidently, facts don’t matter anymore. It seems that forces in this country want chaos and a race war and they don’t care about the truth. Racists, radicals, communists and Jihadists are in this together and if you were looking for a real conspiracy, you’ve found one. Just look at what happened in Dallas last night where 12 officers were shot, five were killed and two bystanders were wounded by four snipers… who also had bombs. Police are increasingly fearful of doing their jobs… (a) because they could be killed and (b) because they could get lynched for doing their duty. So, as police are pulled back in big cities and elsewhere, crime is skyrocketing and the thugs are running free in the streets and taking over. Obama’s America in action and he just blames guns. He wants to disarm us, so these criminals can kill us faster. The fact is far more white people are killed in altercations with cops, but that doesn’t fit the political agenda. It doesn’t make for brewing a race war. Facts are inconvenient things. The biggest fact here is that the officers are doing their jobs to protect us – are they human? Yep. Do they screw up. Yep. Do they sacrifice their lives to keep us safe? You’re damned right they do.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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