PUNKED! BLM Outraged At Billboard Telling Them Who They Can Call For Help – It’s Not the Cops

PUNKED! BLM Outraged At Billboard Telling Them Who They Can Call For Help – It’s Not the Cops

Black Lives Matter protesters don’t tend to take criticism well at all. So when a billboard went up calling people out for hating cops, they were not happy.

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From the Daily Mail:

A billboard has caused an uproar in Indiana for its offensive message: ‘Hate Cops? The next time you need help, call a crackhead.’

It comes at a time of heightened animosity towards law enforcement over police brutality, which has led to two targeted attacks on police officers in as many weeks, leaving eight dead.

The slogan appeared on a digital billboard above a liquor store at the intersection of Wheeling and Riverside Avenues in Muncie for a few hours on Saturday.

Gary Dragoo, who is the owner of Hometown Outdoor Advertising, the company who owns the billboard, is the one who put up the message and stands by what it said, according to ABC6.

He said it was a ‘timely message’ and one that was intended to show his support for the police and highlight their importance – and insisted it was not racist, but respectful.

Megan Thomas noticed the sign at around 1pm – and said it went up right before the start of a planned protest against police brutality a few blocks away.

She blasted the message for being ‘covertly racist’ and explained that it’s racist because crack is known to have impacted the black community the hardest.

‘We are the meth capital of the world, Muncie is,’ Thomas added to ABC6. ‘Why didn’t they say ‘meth heads’?

‘I don’t expect people to understand. It’s covert racism. It’s not in-your-face. But it’s still as harmful.’

It must be hard to be confronted with the painful truth. There’s nothing racist about this billboard and I suspect that if it had said “call a meth head”, Thomas would still be complaining.

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