Rape Suspect ‘Comments’ On His Own Police WANTED Facebook Post While On The Run

by Margaret M. | July 7, 2017 2:59 pm


Well, this is brilliant.

A man in North Carolina, Derek Lee Helms, was wanted for a kidnapping and rape accusation, so the Sheriff in charge posted this winner’s information on social media in order to seek the public’s help in tracking him down.

On July 4th, the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office posted the following[2] on their Facebook page, along with two photos:

Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office needs your help! We are attempting to locate DEREK LEE HELMS. Helms has outstanding Warrants for Arrest charging him with 1st Degree Kidnapping and 2nd Degree Rape. He resides in Stanly County, N.C. but could possibly have left the state. Helms is a white male and 28 years old. Helms may be driving a silver or gray four door 2005 Mercedes.

If you have any information concerning Derek Lee Helms or his location, please contact Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office at 704-920-3000 or the Cabarrus Area Crime Stoppers at 704-93-CRIME or www.cabarruscrimestoppers.com if you wish to remain anonymous. Thank you for any help you can provide to assist us in locating this suspect! Please share this post!



Standard issue explanation with enough identifying information that he ought to have been found relatively quickly, if enough people tuned in and paid attention.

One of the top-rated comments on the thread was from Brian Stallings, saying:

This is a great guy. I met him on a job where I was the Foreman and he worked hard for me. Through our time of working together, he always was speaking of his kids and how much he loved them. I’d be willing to speak up for this man. I will not believe that any of these charges are true.

And the next comment?

Left by the suspect himself, Derek Lee Helms, posted:

Thanks bud really appreciate it enjoyed working with yall guys aswell . truth coming out bfor long vindictive and spitfullness and some croked cops.

Followed two minutes later by the Sheriff’s Office, posting:

Derek Helms you need to turn yourself in.

Stupid criminals are the best. But as of yet, Derek has not been located.

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