Thug Shoots Cop, Black Biased Judge Throws Police Out Of Court For Infuriating Reason

Thug Shoots Cop, Black Biased Judge Throws Police Out Of Court For Infuriating Reason

In Detroit, officer Jamarian Holloway was involved in an incident with a dirtbag last June. The guy resisted arrest and shot the officer in the hand. Needless to say, the moron is lucky to be alive. He was arrested. Now, an evidentiary hearing was held to determine if there was sufficient evidence to charge this scum. Obviously there is… no one is contesting that. What got the judge in a tizzy were the dozen or so officers that showed up to support Holloway. His family and friends couldn’t be there, so he brought his other family – I don’t blame him in the least.

His commanding officer had this to say: “We do not know if the suspect may have individuals show up to do harm to our officer,” said Cmdr. Elvin Barren. “It is physical support and then it is emotional support. I am the commanding officer of the Metropolitan Division what kind of boss or leader am I, not to show up when one of my officers was involved in a violent encounter.”

I assume the judge did not challenge the commanding officer. Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Craig Strong, however, did have a problem with the dozen other officers in attendance. He seemed to think they were there to intimidate the defendant or the judge himself. I highly doubt that.


From Fox2Detroit:

DETROIT (WJBK) – These days, officers want to stick together more than ever. That’s why some members of Detroit police were very upset about what happened Wednesday in court.

Detroit police officer Jamarian Holloway was a victim of a crime last June. He was shot in the hand as he wrestled a gun away from a man who resisted arrest.

“My friends and family couldn’t be here today, so I needed my brothers in blue to be here today,” said Holloway.

“He talked to each of the officers individually asked us who we were and why we were here,” Barren said. “We all pretty much told him we were there to support the officer. He took exception to the word ‘support’ he kept asking what does the word support mean.” Seriously? Support means being there for a fellow officer in need.

In the end, the judge had all but three officers and Holloway kicked out. I’m sure the defendant’s attorney was whining loudly during all of this.

“If this would have been any other individual who was there and he wanted his family or co-workers there, it wouldn’t have been a problem. But because it is law enforcement I feel that was the rationale behind the judge dismissing us from his courtroom,” said Commander Barren.

Those officers had every right to be in that courtroom. That judge is out of line on this one.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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