Tough Sheriff To Texas Looters: ‘You Could Leave This County In A Bag’ [VIDEO]

Tough Sheriff To Texas Looters: ‘You Could Leave This County In A Bag’ [VIDEO]

This is one badass Texan sheriff. I don’t swoon, but if I did, it would be over this guy. Sheriff Troy Nehls from Fort Bend County, Texas was incredibly blunt concerning looters in the wake of Hurricane Harvey preying on Texans in his neck of the woods. He basically said that they are armed and if you come to his county and intend to loot, you just might exit in a body bag. Sheriff Nehls: “As far as Fort Bend County, we haven’t [had looting]. I made a comment the other day that we support the Second Amendment here in Fort Bend County and there are many of us that are armed. I would caution those that want to come and prey on our people here in Fort Bend County, that are suffering so much right now, you may want to stay out of Fort Bend County, because you could leave this county in a bag.”

It’s not just the police there that are armed… the citizens are as well. Looters will be shot on sight and they mean it. You don’t try and steal at all from these good people. Especially when many of them have lost everything they have. Sheriff Nehls didn’t say he had personally seen looting, but he did “hear of looting around the greater Houston area.” He’s just sending out a verbal memo to thugs out there that they may want to think twice before trying that crap in Texas. Especially in Fort Bend County.

Fort Bend County is located just to the southwest of Houston and Harris County. The water is still rising there from the Brazos River. A lot of their homes and businesses are under water and they are short on humoring fools these days.

It doesn’t get much more Texan than a sheriff in a cowboy hat on national television telling the criminals to stay away from his people or it could cost them their lives. That’s the heart and soul of Texas right there and why I love them so much. You might get away with looting in the bigger cities, but you aren’t going to survive in jurisdictions like this one. And even in Houston, police have warned that looters will be shot on sight. Guess what? They mean it.

An abandoned home or business in an emergency is not an open invitation for some unscrupulous carpetbagger to come in and rip everyone off. The rule of law is taken even more seriously after a catastrophe like Hurricane Harvey. The Houston Chronicle reported that as of Wednesday, over 40 people have been arrested for looting. In order to help determine who the criminals are, the city of Houston has instituted a curfew. “It was effective,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told the Chronicle. “It’s going to remain in effect until we kind of get past the situations we’re in.”

Curfews are necessary and effective, but not as effective as lead. If you loot, you take your own life into your hands and no one will miss you in the least if you wind up in a body bag. #TexasStrong

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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