What This Christian School Does To Appease Muslims Will Infuriate You

by Frank Lea | May 1, 2016 3:51 pm

A CEO in Denver is changing the mascot of a Christian school because some people said it’s offensive to Muslims[1]. You would like to think I was joking, but this is a real news story involving a weak pathetic CEO who seems more interested in political correctness. It’s a logo and a mascot – if that offends anyone, then I feel sorry for them. It’s been the mascot of the school for how many decades and people didn’t care? This is as bad as people wanting to change the Washington Redskins name.


From Creeping Sharia:

A Denver Christian school is changing its Crusaders mascot because some people think it’s offensive to Muslims.

“In our mission, in light of the command to love our neighbors as ourselves, the crusader was an inconsistent, inappropriate symbol for that mission,” Denver Christian Schools CEO Todd Lanting told KUSA[3].

That logo looks really offensive to me. Did we forget that the Christian school is YOUR school, and you can use any mascot you wish? I don’t think any Muslims are attending the school, so it doesn’t really matter what an outsider thinks. They’re not paying tuition, are they?

Lanting insists the change is not an effort to align with political correctness.

“It has nothing to do with political correctness,” he said. “It’s got everything to do with love and empathy for our neighbors.”

Maybe Lanting is right! It’s not political correctness, it’s him being a wimp. Good job Lanting, you are the weakest link.

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