Male Inmate Kills Female Corrections Officer

by Dave Blount | July 19, 2016 10:49 am

According to liberal dogma, men and women are interchangeable in the workplace, because gender is an artificial social construct. Anyone who disagrees is a hateful bigot who must be shunned. That means reality is a hateful bigot:

A male inmate killed a female corrections officer at a prison in west central Texas early Saturday, authorities said.

Mari Johnson, 55, was found unresponsive about 3 a.m. near the kitchen area of the Robertson Unit, a prison in Abilene, Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark said. Life-saving measures were initiated and Johnson then was taken to Hendricks Medical Center in Abilene where she was pronounced dead, he said. …

“Correctional officers have one of the most difficult jobs in all of state government protecting the public from dangerous individuals,” Brad Livingston, the department’s executive director, said. “This is a tragic reminder that carrying out that mission can lead to the ultimate sacrifice.”

It would be more accurate to say Mari Johnson made the ultimate sacrifice not for public safety, but for political correctness. Female corrections officers have no place in male prisons except under conditions of extreme moonbattery.

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