Pittsburgh Bus Slogan Found to Be Racist if Read Backward

by Dave Blount | June 5, 2015 2:41 pm

It isn’t easy to find racism against blacks in a culture obsessively devoted to worshiping blacks. Righteous denouncers of thought crime have been reduced to reading slogans backward in search of forbidden sentiments:

The Port Authority is looking into bus slogans that some are calling offensive.

Officials say they’ve recently received complaints that one of its slogans, “Ziggin Zaggin,” is offensive when read backwards, seeming to spell out a racial slur.

Jim Ritchie with the Port Authority says they will remove the messages from buses.

The slogan has been wrapped around buses since 2003, but it took a while for anyone to notice that it is racist. Although other slogans like “Rockin’ Rollin’” and “Movin’ Groovin’” have not yet been found to be racist, it has not been confirmed that they are not sinister anagrams composed by the KKK.

The Port Authority plans to use vinyl coverings if the now forbidden words don’t peel off without reading a legible residue.

Some progressives laughed at the religious fanaticism when satanic messages were allegedly discovered by playing rock records backward. Who’s laughing now?

Warning: do not look at this in a mirror.


Source URL: https://rightwingnews.com/political-correctness/pittsburgh-bus-slogan-found-to-be-racist-if-read-backward/