Could The United States Break-Up? (Q&A Friday #110)

Question: America is a simmering cauldron of social unrest; some justified, some not. Should things boil over and become violent do you think it more likely the USA would break up like the USSR or would remain intact? Should Mr. Obama be re-elected he may jump the shark and this may cause freedom loving peoples to rise against him and his authorities. Should Mr. Obama not be re-elected there will be immediate riots and violence from the left. Do you agree in any way?

Answer: Whether Obama wins or loses, I don’t expect widespread violence, although I think increasing political unrest is likely. Combine the highly irresponsible liberal class warfare with a willingness of many liberals to turn a blind eye to lawbreaking from “their side” and the fact that we DESPERATELY need to cut back dramatically on spending, and you have a repeatable recipe for violence.

As to states seceding at this point in our history, for a long time I considered that to be unrealistic.

However, I can now see a potential cause for states to leave the union. If the United States defaults on its debt, credit will dry up and it will create an economic catastrophe that could potentially be worse than the Great Depression.

Because of an aging population, overly generous entitlement programs (Any entitlement program you can’t pay for is by definition overly generous), and the Democrats’ absolute unwillingness to reduce spending, it’s entirely possible that the country will default on its debt within a decade or two.

If this were to happen, money from the federal government would dry up in a hurry and the calculus could start to change for some states that have their finances in order. If they were to leave the union and become standalone nations, then they might be able escape some of the problems of bankruptcy and the reasoning will be, “Why should we pay the price because everyone else is so irresponsible?”

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