The Best Quotations From Greg Gutfeld’s “The Joy of Hate”

by John Hawkins | May 19, 2014 1:03 am

From Greg Gutfeld’s superb book, The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph over Whiners in the Age of Phony Outrage[1].

To be aggrieved means you’ve created an impenetrable wall of “feeling” around you: No one can question you because you’re “outraged.” — xiii

And this new outrage came into being via one phenomenon: tolerance. The idea of tolerance — a seemingly innocuous concept — has now become something else entirely: a way to bludgeon people into shutting up, piping down, and apologizing, when the attacked are often the ones that hold the key to common sense. — xiii

I believe I have identified an insidious kind of entitlement born from a false sense of victimhood. If you are identified as an offensive part dripping with intolerance, especially in this modern age, then you’re powerless. You can be accused of anything and you’re guilty. – xiv

Right now we live in a world where if someone perceives you as “offensive,” they win. Meanwhile, the real offenders get a walk. They can wield the weapon of “tolerance” to protect real scummy behavior. — xv

A funny thing about tolerant people? They’re really only tolerant when you agree with them. Suddenly when they find out you disagree with just one of their assumptions, they become intolerant of you. — xiv

When a gay man tweets me, saying, “I’m tired of people judging me on my sexuality,” my feeling is, Then stop tweeting about it. — P.7

Ironically, the “I am woman, hear me roar” crowd became the “I am needy, give me more” bunch — the damsels in distress who, in 2012, cannot find a way to pay for cheap pills. I mean, aren’t women independent enough not to need Daddy to take care of them? — P.30

The Feminist Free Pass is the most insidious form of tolerance: as long as you toe the progressive line, you can be a FOP (a Full-On Pig). — P.38

Liberalism is the one-way ticket to backslapping approval among the cool kids, which makes it about as rebellious as a divorced dad getting an earring from the local mall’s Piercing Pagoda. — P.47

Apolitical, in the media, means decidedly liberal and not used to being challenged. — P.54

We now live in a world where Corey Feldman has a better shot playing a terrorist than an actual terrorist. — P.65

Being an open conservative in publishing is akin to being a gay communist in 1950s Nebraska. — P.86

But you can find this idiocy anywhere: academia, TV, movies, music…the belief that despicable behavior is okay if you dress it up as a response to “the man.” — P.99

Comedian Tom Shillue said it perfectly after our third beer at a local tavern: “The only people hurt by racism these days are the racists.” And thank God for that. — P.108

(Herman Cain) noted how mainstream liberals cannot accept a conservative black leader, for it destroys their comfy worldview. For if a black man rejects liberalism, he rejects all the do-good nonsense liberals believe in. They are no longer political sheep, and they see the consequences of white liberal guilt, which harms blacks more than a thousand unfunny comedians and DJs ever could. — P.111

It’s in our DNA to despise dirtbags who want to get over on the rest of us. It goes all the way back. There was always one caveman who faked an injury, then suddenly jumped up when his buddies returned with the armful of berries. The difference is, he wasn’t a hero because he spent the day lying around doodling in the dirt. He was the moocher. And, quite rightly, he was generally fed to a mastodon. — P.141

But historians know: What begins as a utopian vision, always — always — ends in bloodshed. Because you have to force a utopia on a free people. Free people want to pursue their own happiness, but a one-size-fits-all approach requires herding the free, against their will, into the state’s idea of what’s right. Then it’s not utopia. It’s Uganda. It’s 100 million dead. — P.156

That’s the true, insidious irony: the left is more tolerant of the people who want us dead than they are of the people trying to protect us from those who want us dead. This intolerant view toward our most giving citizens is never exemplified by your average American, but is expressed only in secluded teachers’ lounges populated by men in their forties who still think a ponytail makes a statement colonialism. — P.180

Bottom line: What is considered cool is everything you find detrimental to sound living. — P.188

There’s a bully gap going on. Everyone claims to be bullied. No one claims to be the bully. Ever. — P.214-215

When that douchebag Matt Yglesias tweeted that the “world outlook is slight improved with @andrewbreitbart dead,” he only meant it was better for Matt Yglesias. Because there was one less person on earth who point out what a douchebag Matt Yglesias is. — P.220

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