CNN Posts Map of Confederate Monuments in U.S. – A Hit List

CNN Posts Map of Confederate Monuments in U.S. – A Hit List

Calls for the removal of Confederate monuments continue to grow, with Democrats around the country demanding that they be taken down. But CNN has officially taken it one step further: not only did they call for Confederate monuments be taken down, they published a map that some are calling a “hit list.”

Thursday, the media outlet ran an article with a map showing the location of every one of the Confederate monuments or memorials in the country. It’s estimated that there are 1,500 of them and the map will undoubtedly help those who are seeking to get the monuments removed know which areas to target.

“Roughly 1,500 Confederate symbols still exist on public land more than 150 years after the conclusion of the Civil War,” CNN reported. The article added that over 700 of them — almost half — were “monuments and statues.”

CNN used information from the Southern Poverty Law Center, with color-coded dots to identify the locations of each Confederate “symbol.” Green dots signified schools named after Confederate leaders, blue dots showed courthouses with Confederate monuments or memorials and red dots signified “other sites” — “parks, trails, monuments, municipalities, holidays, buildings, flags.”

The article also identified states that had the most Confederate symbols, naming Virginia as “the state with the most Confederate symbols [at] 223.” It also added that “Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina and Alabama each have more than 100 Confederate symbols each.” The article also pointed out that “[f]ewer than one in 10 symbols are in states that remained in the Union during the Civil War” and that the list includes “10 major military bases and nine state holidays or observances.”

The map excluded over 2,600 Confederate symbols, though. Anything that was considered “primarily historical, like battlefields, museums and cemeteries” was kept off of the list, although it’s yet to be seen if that means that liberal groups will allow those to remain.

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