Blacks Only Classes at Illinois College

by Dave Blount | August 10, 2016 2:38 pm

Segregation has returned. But it isn’t a horrific evil anymore. Now it is politically correct:

An Illinois college has restricted certain sections of a mandatory introductory course to black students.

“While helping my son register for college at Moraine Valley Community College, we noticed that the required course College 101 has two sections limited to African-American students,” one concerned parent told The Chicago Tribune. “He wants to know why there are not two sections limited to Asian-American students? How about Native American students?”

No need to ask why sections are not limited to white students. That would be racist.

Naturally, the race-restricted course focuses on “diversity”:

“[College 101] provides an opportunity to assess your purpose for college, assess your study strategies, set college and career goals, examine your values and decision-making skills, and develop an appreciation for diversity,” the course catalog states.

“Diversity” may entail excluding the politically disfavored.

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